Why Are Our Products
Cheaper than Microsoft’s?

As we take pride in offering software products with utmost quality and assurance, we also assure that customers have everything they need when it comes to setting up their own personal tools — the computer. Moreover, we sell Windows Operating Systems (OS), Microsoft Office Suites, Office applications, antivirus applications and internet security software. We sell genuine Microsoft products and other software products, and often people wonder how we can do that and why we do that. Let’s see if we can answer that question for you.

Why Do Our Products Cost Less?

We work directly with our supplier to purchase large volumes to get the lowest rate possible. Because we save on costs, we want to ensure that our valued customers save too

  • You can save on cost — buying in bulk makes it less expensive per unit. Hence, we can save more to offer the products at less than Microsoft’s.
  • Enjoy minimal shipping or transportation — not only can we save per unit’s price, but we can also save from shipping or transporting the packages to our headquarters and/or warehouse. Purchasing in bulk can also mean a cutback on such.
  • It saves more time — aside from saving on expenses, buying in bulk saves more time. If we know we have products per request, we make sure to collate those requests and order it in bulk the next time.

Aside from our existing products offered at low prices, we also offer good deals and discounts. We provide several discounts for bulk orders

  • Savings — like we have reiterated, buying in bulk is less expensive for us, as well as for you. If you purchase certain products from us in bulk, we can offer to lower per unit prices and give you a discount percentage based on your orders and/or requests.
  • Cost-effectiveness — if you purchase several bundles or in bulk from us, we can easily negotiate the price depending on your orders. Moreover, this can be cost-effective, so we can also help you save more time and money.

We offer competitor price match advantage. We know how much we can price our products compared to our existing competitors in the market

  • Competitive pricing — we purchase and sell the same products as our competitors, hence making them direct competitors. Yet we leverage on the price and offer it less than theirs because we believe that we are offering the same value in a more competitive pricing.
  • Value for money — more than anything, we want our clients to make the utmost experience and utilization of our products. Though our items do not price higher than other offerings and/or services, we promise value for money.
  • No complex computations — we are very transparent with our product prices, and we are very open to negotiating the price based on your job orders or inquiries. The computations for these are just simply adding products and subtracting possible discounts.

As we promote transparency and accessibility, we want our clients to reach out if they have a better offer. And from there, we can negotiate.

We can lower costs by 5% based on the quantity that customers prefer

  • Frees up our room — we always want our products to be updated. In order for us to free up some room for new stocks, we offer lower costs and discounts of at least 5% on orders.
  • Meets our goals — when we offer products to our customers and we satisfy them at any cost, our goals are met. By offering products at a low and competitive price, we reach our objectives to give our utmost service with the best quality to our customers.

We give and feature monthly sales promotions and discounts on our items

  • It makes you loyal — we want to keep our clients for a longer time. Offering certain sales promotions and discounts on our items every month can convert our first-time buyers to frequents purchasers, and eventually to loyal ones. As we offer monthly sales promotions and discounts, we assure you that there will be no deteriorating and deprecated quality of the items. We also promote after-sales services in case any of you encounters problems along the way.
  • We can grow with our customers — the more we offer sales promotions and discounts, the more we can grow our pool of qualified and talented customers. In this way, we can easily reach out to you about our new products, upcoming new items and website updates, if any. In this way, we can stay in touch with you for our future endeavors like expansion, phasing out or new negotiations with new partners.
  • We increase our store awareness — by offering you sales promotions and discounts, you also help us increase our store awareness and gain recognition.

Why SoftwareKeep USA is the Right Place to Buy?

SoftwareKeep USA is a trusted software reseller and a Microsoft Certified Partner. We exist to make tech accessible by helping people like you choose the perfect product, get a great deal, and install it easily – so you can enjoy your software immediately. If you’re looking for genuine Microsoft software at the lowest price – complete with 24/7 technical support and advice – you’re in the right place.

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    One of our Installation Specialist will help you set up your new software hassle-free. Software sold separately.

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    Digital download 100% authentic from Microsoft and new software in minutes.

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    We guarantee money back if you have any problem with our one of our softwares.

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    We always have the best deals but if you find an identical product cheaper than us, we‘ll beat it by 5%.