How Can I Retract or Replace a Sent Email?

Sent an email with typos or to the wrong recipient? No worries. Learn how to retract or replace a sent email through simple steps using our guide here.
How to Retract or Replace a Sent Email

It happens more often than you may think: you send an email and it has an error in it. Or maybe you sent the right message but clicked the wrong recipient.

Other times, your plans can change, making the initial email you sent have the wrong dates and information for an event. Or worst of all, you found an obvious typo seconds after hitting the send button on an email to your boss.

Luckily, there is a way to save yourself from all of these scenarios.

It is possible to change and edit an email, even after it has been sent. You can also delete the email altogether.

If you and all of the people that were sent an email are users of Microsoft Exchange, and also are in the same organization, it is possible for you to replace an email message that you sent. It’s also possible to entirely recall an email.

How can I retract or replace a sent email?

  1. Click the “File” button and then “Info
  2. Make sure the account you sent the email from is the one selected under “Account Information”
  3. Use recall or replace if the account you are using is a Microsoft Exchange account and your email message recipients are on the same email system
  4. Note that recall will not work if your account is IMAP or POP.
  5. Click the back button
  6. Click the “Sent Items” folder in the navigation pane
  7. Find the email message that you want to recall or replace and double click it
  8. Click “Message” and then “Actions” and then “Recall This Message”. Another route you can take is by clicking “File” and then “Info” and then “Resend or Recall” and then “Recall This Message”
  9. Once you have reached the “Recall This Message” dialogue box, select an option:
  • If you wish to recall the sent message select “Delete unread copies”
  • If you wish to replace the sent message select “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message”

    10. Make sure you click the checkbox that says “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient”.

    11. Click “OK” and you are done

Something to note is that if you select “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message”, the initial email that you sent will open up and you can begin to edit it or complete change it from there.

When sent, the original message in the recipient’s inbox will be deleted and it will be replaced with the one you just changed.

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