Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

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Why Buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2019?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

While Office 365 and remote working have become buzzwords in recent years, the good people at Microsoft have not forgotten about those of us who still work on premises. This is why Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 has been introduced a couple of weeks ago.

Specially designed to improve on the previously excellent versions, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 comes with various security and performance improvements to improve the end-user experience. This means that the software is a huge improvement over the Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 edition.

Some of these improvements included the use of SSD or Solid State Drives alongside hard disk storage to further speed up Exchange 2019. Also, Exchange Server 2019 features reengineered Bing technology to ensure faster and better search results while also making administration and maintenance work easier.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Features

We discuss some of the features that we can expect to see thanks to the following improvements to be made in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019:


Improved security

Security and data protection have always been at the forefront of Microsoft. Exchange Server 2019 is no different. Installed on the Windows Server 2019 core, this server is quite likely the most secure version yet. You can now keep all of your data intact, as well as the most secure exchange platform that exists.

Performance improvements

As servers are required to process massive amounts of data, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 has been specially optimized to be as efficient as possible to keep up with the demands of today’s users. This is why it has been upgraded to make the best use of both SSD and hard drives to provide users with a fast and easy experience.

When it comes to the system requirements, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 lets you boot it up with up to 48 CPU cores and 256GB of RAM, for a full-fledged experience. This will grant a lag-free and hassle-free experience for any Exchange Server 2019 user. Compared to Exchange 2016 which could use only 24 CPU cores and 192GB of RAM, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 represents a crucial and substantial upgrade over its predecessor.

A better end user experience

Another reason we should be excited about Exchange 2019 is that it promises users a more streamlined, user-friendly experience. With calendaring being such a major part of corporate life, Exchange 2019 promises significant upgrades to help users get work done. From a simple quality of life improvements like a do not forward function to improved admin control, Exchange 2019 is looking good.


Integrated Bing Browser with the Improved Technology

All these years, Bing was simply a browser that all of us evaded. But, Microsoft worked hard this year in order to bring a superior experience using Bing. The enhanced Bing technology is now faster and provides better results in a shorter period of time. The administration is now fluent, easier, and goes much faster. The separate log files to manage are now gone and the search indexes are located within the database itself.

Improved SSD Performance

Microsoft's newest addition, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 sports blazing-fast performance when using SSD. The software now takes full advantage of both low-tier hard disks, as well as solid-state drives to bring the maximum performance to the table. Microsoft carefully engineered this approach and they use the SSDs to store the most important data, while the less relevant data is stored on the slow-spinning disks. As files get larger each day, you'll need something that can hold all the data, while still being reliable and providing fast search results. Thanks to the improved SSD performance, this isn't a problem here.

Calendar at its Best

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is all about carefully managing and planning your work. Thanks to the improved Calendaring capabilities, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is now able to grant you a full control over your business plans. If you have a large company and you rely on your calendars to do the job for you, this software has all you need. With some of the features like Simplified Calendar Sharing and Do Not Forward, a full-fledged calendaring experience is promised.

For admins, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 offers a couple more new features. The administrators can now easily share the calendar with the other co-workers and assign new tasks using them. This will save a lot of time for administrators and make the job a lot easier.


Dual-Storage Read/Write Capabilities

Microsoft is now adding a completely new feature called Dual-storage to read/write. This feature will be available upon the full release and in the preview build, it's excluded. This feature, alongside improved SSD support and performance, will improve overall user experience to a point where it's fast, reliable, and able to perform tasks within seconds.


Support for Skype for Business 2019

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 doesn't support Exchange Mailboxes, but it comes with a support for Skype for Business 2019. While users can't connect this software directly to Skype, they can use it for communication, as direct communication in Exchange Server 2019 isn't possible anymore. On top of that, users can now take full advantage over Cloud Voicemail, as well as Office 365 with Cloud Voicemail.


Support for Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 can be installed on Windows Server 2019. Unfortunately, many 2016 users will need to migrate from the existing platform to a new one. This shouldn’t be a problem as Microsoft Server 2019 is still the most secure exchange platform and combined with Exchange Server 2019, you get all the new features that you can utilize.


Same, yet Improved Server Role Architecture

The server role architecture remains the same. But, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 offers some improvements to the DAG (database availability group) and also includes Edge Transport in order to meet the needs of customers.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

  • Devices Supported: 1 device per license
  • Installation Method: Digital Download
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Platforms Supported: Microsoft Windows
  • Operating System Required: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Minimum HDD Space: 1.2GB
  • Minimum Memory Requirements: Minimum of 2GB RAM
  • Minimum CPU Speed: 300MHz


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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

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