*Annoying* File Explorer Ads: Here’s How To Get Rid of Them

Now that you’ve downloaded Windows 10, you’re finding that the ads in File Explorer are driving you crazy. You’re not alone. In fact, many people have complained about the quality of the ads in Reddit.
*Annoying* File Explorer Ads: Here’s How To Get Rid of Them

How You Can Turn Off Windows 10 Ads in File Explorer

If you’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and are now seeing ads in your File Explorer, you’re not alone. In fact, Windows has been inundated with complaints about these annoying pop-ups on various online communities like Reddit.

Microsoft is trying to make the File Explorer more interactive by adding features — the problem is that they also added ads that show up when you open a file or folder. This article will teach you how to disable these pesky advertisements so that Windows can go back to being useful again.

How to turn off Provider Notifications in three easy steps

OneDrive ads in File Explorer can be a pain, but you don't have to let them bother you. When they show up just click the X and they will go away, but they might show up again if you don’t look into your settings.

There are three steps you need to do to stop the annoying OneDrive ads from popping up in File Explorer. You can turn them off or bypass it all together, and carry on with your day!

It’s better for you if you choose not to deal with those bothersome annoyances, as they won't be an issue anymore once this step has been completed.

Here’s what you need to do to turn off ads in the File Explorer on Windows 10.

  1. Open the File Explorer by pressing the icon in the task bar, or press the Windows + E keyboard shortcut. Want to know more useful Windows 10 shortcuts? Explore our suggestions here!
  2. In the File Explorer window, click on the View tab. This is going to open up a “hidden” menu to reveal more options for how you see the File Explorer.
  3. Click on the Options button. You can find this in the upper-right corner of the View menu. Make sure to click on the button itself, and not the drop-down menu!
  4. You’ll see the Folder Options pop-up window appear. The first thing you need to do is switch to the View tab using the navigation menu on top of the window.
  5. In the new tab, look for the Advanced settings category. Here, scroll down until you see the “Show sync provider notifications” option. If the box next to it has a checkmark, click on it once to remove it.
  6. After removing the checkmark, the box should be empty. This means that OneDrive advertisements and notifications will no longer show up in the File Explorer. Click Apply and restart the File Explorer.

Did you know? Interesting facts about Windows 10 ads

Reddit users have been drawing interesting comments about the ads that appear in Windows 10.

Apparently, a user has found that OneDrive advertisements and notifications don’t show up on European versions of Microsoft's operating system, and Enterprise licensing doesn't seem to be affected either.

This is just one more reason to invest in this version for those who need an enterprise-level product with these kinds of capabilities!

Some other users are concerned that disabling this option will turn off all sync provider notifications, including important ones.

Be aware if you follow the guide — it may also disable OneDrive sync for other services where cloud content could be stored or accessed.

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