The Best Free Screensavers for Windows 11/10

Get the best free screensaver available for your Windows device. Check out our top picks and have a fresh look on your desktop today!

Screensavers are a great way to add personality to your computer and keep it from getting damaged. Fortunately, many free screensavers are available for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users.

Having a screensaver on your device can be beneficial in multiple ways. It protects your device from burn-in caused due to frequent usage and can be an entertainment option when you are away from your computer. Not to mention, a good-looking screensaver is sure to boost the aesthetics of your setup.

The Best Free Screensavers for Windows 11/10

This article will explore the best free screensavers for Windows 11/10 and how to download and install them.

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  4. zz DVD 3
  5. Dream Aquarium Demo
  6. Underwater
  7. Color Mix
  8. Japan Spring
  9. Hyperspace
  10. Night City

What are Screensavers?

Screensavers are animated images that are displayed on your computer screen when it is idle. They were initially designed to prevent "burn-in" on older CRT monitors by displaying moving images when the computer was unused. This is possible because screensavers use less power than displaying a static image.

Today, screensavers are used to add personality to your computer and prevent unauthorized access to your desktop when you step away from your computer. In modern times, screensavers are also used more for decorative purposes and entertainment than to prevent burn-in.

Hundreds of different types of screensavers are available, ranging from simple animations to complex 3D renderings.

Built-in Screensavers on Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 comes with several built-in screensavers. To access them, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select "Personalize."
  2. Click on "Lock screen" in the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Screen saver settings."
  4. Select the screensaver you want to use from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on "Preview" to see what the screensaver looks like, and then click on "OK" to save your changes.

The default screensavers provide an excellent selection, but many more are available online. The next section will cover some of the best free screensavers for Windows 11/10 users.

Top 10 Free Screensavers for Windows 11/10

Let's take a closer look at some of the best free screensavers for Windows 11/10 users.

1. Fliqlo Flip Clock


The Flip Clock screensaver features a retro-style flip clock that displays the time in a clear and visually appealing way. It's perfect for those who appreciate a classic design and want to add vintage flair to their computer screen.

This screensaver is a must-have for those who appreciate the timeless design of yesteryear. With its retro flip clock display, you can enjoy modern technology's convenience while adding classic style to your computer screen. The clock ticks away the hours and minutes clearly and visually appealingly, bringing a touch of vintage flair to your workspace.

Whether you're a design enthusiast or simply someone who likes a bit of nostalgia, this screensaver is an elegant and practical addition to your desktop. Don't settle for boring screensavers - choose this one and elevate your daily digital experience.

2. Briblo


Briblo offers a unique and creative experience for individuals looking to add some personal flare to their computer screens. With its 3D brick building structure, users can construct and watch their own buildings come to life. Customizing and designing your structures allows endless possibilities and a fun outlet for creativity.

Whether using Briblo as a screensaver or simply as a way to unwind during a break, it's sure to add some excitement to your day. This program is a great way to showcase your personality and express your individuality on a platform often used for work and productivity. Briblo offers a refreshing escape from the mundane and brings a new level of customization to your computer screen.

3. The Matrix

the matrix

The Matrix screensaver features the iconic green code of the film, scrolling down your screen. It's perfect for movie fans or anyone who wants to add a cool and futuristic vibe to their computer screen.

The Matrix screensaver is perfect for those looking to add a futuristic element to their computer screen. Fans of the classic movie will marvel at the iconic green code, scrolling down their monitor, just like in the film. The screensaver is designed to bring a sense of excitement and dynamism to your computer screen, making it perfect for those looking to add a touch of style to their workspace.

This screensaver will make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it and will become a talking point among your colleagues and friends. So why wait? Give your computer screen the makeover it deserves with this iconic Matrix screensaver today.

4. zz DVD 3

zz dvd 3

This animated screensaver for Windows features the iconic DVD logo slowly bouncing around the screen, creating a calming visual display.

In the background, colorful iridescent blobs expand outward, reminiscent of the patterns seen on the bottom surface of optical discs. The gentle movement and vibrant colors combine to create an engaging, professional screensaver perfect for any desktop. Whether you need a break from work or want to add some visual interest to your computer, this screensaver is sure to please.

Download this incredible wallpaper today; maybe you'll even spot the DVD logo hitting the corner of the screen!

5. Dream Aquarium Demo

dream aquarium

Dream Aquarium is a groundbreaking virtual aquarium and screensaver that offers unbeatable realism. The video presentation showcases the computer-generated fish's impressive lifelike behavior and motion. Like their real-life counterparts, these digital fish swim amongst the plants, peck at objects in the tank, and even chase each other.

It's truly remarkable how the team at Dream Aquarium has captured the essence of a thriving freshwater aquarium. This screensaver offers the convenience of enjoying the beauty of an aquarium without any of the upkeep.

With Dream Aquarium, you'll have a peaceful oasis right on your computer screen. The free demo allows you to enjoy this beautifully crafted screensaver for as long as you'd like. So why wait? Download this high-quality virtual aquarium today and enjoy the beauty of a living, breathing, watery ecosystem.

6. Underwater


Immerse yourself in the underwater world's serene beauty with this stunning Windows Underwater screensaver. Rays of sunlight gently filter down from the water's surface, creating vivid and lifelike waves that will transport you to an underwater paradise.

With a semi-transparent digital clock in the center of the screen, you'll always know the current time, date, and year. Choose between a 12 or 24-hour format, or remove the clock entirely and bask in the peaceful ambience of the underwater scene.

Let this screensaver transport you away from the stresses of everyday life and into a tranquil world beneath the waves.

7. Color Mix

color mix

For those seeking a visually stunning and mesmerizing screensaver, the Color Mix screensaver is an excellent option. Its ever-changing blend of vibrant colors creates a hypnotic and calming atmosphere, perfect for any workspace or relaxation area.

The smooth, flowing movements of the colors bring a fluid motion to mind, giving the sense of watching a captivating dance. Additionally, the Color Mix Screensaver's compatibility with both full HD and 4k monitors ensures that it looks great on any screen resolution, making it an ideal choice for any device.

Color Mix is a perfect choice for an engaging and visually breathtaking screensaver. So, why download this 3D screensaver today and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this unique fluid mixing effect?

8. Japan Spring

japan spring

Experience the beauty of Japan's national symbol, the legendary Fuji Mount, in the comfort of your own home with this free Japan Spring screensaver.

With its near-perfect symmetry and elegant silhouette, Fuji has been admired as a standard of beauty for centuries, inspiring poets and artists alike. The mountain is breathtaking any time of year. However, the most impressive views happen in spring, when cherry and plum orchards fully bloom. This incredible wallpaper encapsulates the natural wonders of this most unforgettable season.

Download Japan Spring and experience a beautiful landscape, with the iconic Mount Fuji standing tall in the center.

9. Hyperspace


The Hyperspace screensaver is a mesmerizing space flight simulation that offers an immersive experience to all those who love to wander through the vastness of space. Its unique blend of stunning visuals allows you to fly between the dazzling stars, across the cosmic planes that ooze out the grandeur of the universe, and through endless shimmering tunnels.

The best part is that you can tailor your journey by adjusting the speed, view depth, field of view, and number and size of the stars. Not just that, you can also limit the frame rate and control the resolution of geometry, giving you complete control over your experience.

A true visual delight for every space enthusiast, Hyperspace is indeed a must-try flight simulation screensaver.

10. Night City

night city

The Night City screensaver is a remarkable piece of art that portrays the beauty and mystery of a city after dark. As you take a closer look, the dark purple smoke clouds add an element of intrigue to the atmosphere. The sleeping skyscrapers, standing tall in various sizes, create a sense of grandeur and awe. The red sun rays that engulf the city create a majestic nimbus, adding to the screensaver's enchanting feel.

This screensaver is unique because the two animated palms stand between you and the city, waving gently in the virtual breeze. This is an ideal way to relax and break away from the mundanity of everyday life. Built with modern OpenGL support, the fast screensaver works seamlessly at any screen resolution.

Despite its advanced features, the installation is smooth and swift, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Night City in seconds.


Many online screensavers can transform your computer’s display into a stunning visual experience. There is something for everyone, from calming aquatic scenes to immersive space travels and captivating cityscapes. Choose any of the ten amazing screensavers mentioned in this article and take your desktop experiences to the next level!

We hope this article has helped you find the ideal screensaver for your machine. If you’re still undecided, try a few of our recommended screensavers and enjoy your journey through different virtual environments!

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