Fixed: Common Errors When Upgrading to Office 2016

Experiencing an error using an old email account when Installing or Upgrading to Office or Outlook 2016? Here's a quick fix.
Common Errors When Upgrading to Office 2016

Microsoft Outlook uses Microsoft’s Exchange Servers to provide your emails, calendars, and contacts stored with your email account. However, Outlook 2016 only supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013 and 2016.

If your email account is configured to run through Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (or older), it won’t work with Outlook 2016. In this case, if you try to install or upgrade to Office 2016, you may get the following error message during the installation process:

common errors when upgrading office

Also, if you try to use Office 2016 to connect to your mailbox that’s configured to one of Microsoft’s older Exchange Servers, you’ll get the following error message:

resource located on unsurpported version

And if you try to open any of the Public Folders on Outlook 2016, you’ll get this message instead:

You cannot expand the folder error

To resolve the problem, you can either:

  • Uninstall Office 2016 and install Office 2013 instead. Or, similarly, if you have a standalone version of Outlook then uninstall Outlook 2016 and install Outlook 2013. Outlook 2013 supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Note: If you choose this option then remember to disable automatic updates, so your Outlook 2013 doesn’t get automatically upgraded to Office 2016

  • Speak to your email server administrator to request whether your account could be migrated to run with a more recent Microsoft Exchange Server. This maybe your internet service provider or a separate company that hosts your email.

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