Windows Server Licensing Calculator

Upgrade your Windows Server and maximize the number of licensed clients, features & support using SoftwareKeep Windows Server licensing calculator.
Windows Server Licensing Calculator

Upgrade your Windows Server for the lowest possible costs while maximizing the number of licensed clients, features, and support you receive. All possible with the SoftwareKeep Windows Server licensing calculator.

Thousands of companies use Windows Server to supply their needs for a stable, efficient business server. What keeps these companies coming back with each release is the availability of different licensing methods, providing a cost-efficient, customizable license no matter the size of an establishment.

Using the SoftwareKeep Windows Server licensing calculator, you can estimate how much money you’ll be spending on licensing your Windows Server to cover your entire business’ needs. This is useful in order to plan ahead, and take the best possible course of action to ensure your organization’s success.

How to use our Windows Server licensing calculator?

The SoftwareKeep Windows Server licensing calculator is extremely easy to use. It’s an automated tool that allows you to adjust your company’s needs and information, and see how it affects the final cost of your Windows Server licenses in real time.

You can specify everything — the number of local users you have, the amount of CALs you need, whether or not you require remote access, and so on. Simply input your data, hit the Calculate button, and start planning the future of your organization.

Who is Windows Server beneficial for?

Windows Server 2019, the latest version of the server operating system, was officially released to the public on October 2, 2018. Since then, it has come a long way and became a reliable, fast, and efficient solution to thousands of businesses all around the globe.

Using Windows Server is beneficial for all small to large sized businesses that need robust virtualization services, role management, cutting edge security, and even enterprise support.

What are the costs of deficient Windows Server licensing?

Microsoft is known for auditing businesses that use Windows Server, which may put your business in a bad financial situation if you don't possess required licenses. Even if you have experts at hand, licensing Microsoft products is a complex procedure.

To successfully purchase the licenses you need without overspending, you need to have a thorough understanding of different variables that go into determining the amount and type of licenses you require. Otherwise, you might end up caught in a dispute with Microsoft, or potentially lose thousands of dollars due to poor licensing choices.

SoftwareKeep’s calculator helps you and your licensing team determine the correct licenses you’ll need, for the lowest possible cost. Be ready when Microsoft audits come around and put your company in good standing with Windows Server’s developers.

Over-licensing vs. Under-licensing on Windows Server

To avoid penalties and potential legal action, many companies tend to over-license their Windows Server products. They end up making the false assumption that purchasing thousands of dollars worth of licenses that won’t be used will save them from an audit going wrong. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Flushing thousands of dollars in licensing down the drain will only harm your company in the long run. What you should do instead of over-licensing is use SoftwareKeep’s license calculator to make a plan — and stick to it.

The other end of the spectrum is under-licensing.

Some companies try to trick the system by only purchasing some licenses, but not everything that’s required. When a Microsoft audit comes around, this will most likely be noticed and you’ll receive the appropriate penalties. Once again, planning ahead and using our calculator to make a licensing plan you can afford and stick to is the definite best way of lowering costs without putting yourself at risk during an audit.

Microsoft’s penalties for insufficient Microsoft Server licensing

While the final cost of a license validation highly depends on your region and the number of unlicensed software, you can face serious charges that you need to settle with Microsoft. Typically, users are subject to an audit penalty that is the list price, as well as an additional 5% penalty for all products found unlicensed.

Customers are also expected to pay for the auditor fees if they're found to be out of compliance by 5% or greater. How the cost is calculated usually depends on the number of licenses owned, compared to the licenses required.