Expense Record & Tracking Sheet Templates for Excel

Templates are extremely useful when it comes to working in Microsoft Excel. Here are 7 templates to help you gain control over your money flow.
Expense Record & Tracking Sheet Templates for Excel

Templates are handy when it comes to working in Microsoft Excel. There are plenty of benefits to using pre-made templates, and we're here to show you the best of the best. Whether you want to budget or just see where your money is going, the 7 templates below will help you gain control over your money flow.


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How to use Excel templates?


Once Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer, using a template is as easy as one-two-three. The steps below are universal to all templates you download from the internet, as built-in Excel templates already show up on your Welcome screen upon launching the application.


  1. Download the template you want to use. Make sure to only download from safe sources!
  2. Click on the file you downloaded to open the template in Excel. This is usually a file ending with the .xlsx or .dotx extension.
  3. Excel will open the template. Here, you can start using the template or customize it for your own needs using the tools you already know and love.
  4. To save your template, use the Ctrl + S (Save) keyboard shortcut to modify the original file, or the Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as) shortcut to create a separate file, leaving the blank template untouched.


Top 7 Expense Record and Tracking Templates (Excel)


Use our recommended templates to track expenses, improvement and maintenance costs, small business or project expenses, and stay within your budget.


1. Monthly Budget Template

Monthly Budget Template

Track your monthly expenses at perfect accuracy using this template. By default, the template is built for personal use - however, it's easy to customize and transform into a small business template. The template comes with many built-in blocks for different expense categories and an integrated help page for template beginners.


We recommend this template for individuals and small business owners who want to see where their money is flowing. Gain a better understanding of your expenses and make more educated decisions on how you spend your hard-earned cash.


Download: Personal Monthly Budget by Vertex42


2. Expense Record Template

expense record template

This template specializes in budgeting, especially for small businesses. It allows you to track your expenses and record them in different categories. We love this template because of the excellent built-in formulas that work together to provide you with extensive information at a glance. Just open up your template and get a view of your current standings.


As with the other templates in our list, you can customize this template to fit your personal or business needs.


Download: Personal Expense Record Spreadsheet by Word Templates Online


3. Excel Cashbook Template

excel cashbook template

Income and expense tracking helps understand your company's financial standings and results. Use this excellent template to track cash transactions - both income and expenses.


This cash book template can be used to manage and realize your gains or losses in order to make better decisions moving forward. See where money is flowing and where it's coming from.


The cash book template is much like a ledger account. Because it contains the cash and bank transfers, Filter different transactions, record dates, values, and add transaction notes when needed. You'll never be lost in your expenses ever again.


Download: Excel Cashbook by Ventru


4. Williams Budgeting Sheet

Williams Budgeting sheet


Eric Williams is an expert at budgeting, and his template is available free of charge for any Excel users. This extensive template allows you to take control of your financial decisions.


This template comes with a built-in help page, as well as an area for your savings and a monthly budget section for expenses. Don't miss the chance to work with professional resources and download our favorite template today.


Download: Budget Spreadsheet by Words of Williams


5. Money Manager Template

Money Manager Template


This template is suitable to become your primary money manager, budget planner, and cost tracker. It's an all-in-one solution for all your business needs, whether you're a small business owner or an individual looking for a personal budget template.


This template's dynamic yet compact build allows you to get a lot done in a small space—list transaction information including form of payment, category and the date of each transaction. Make use of the many types and customize them for your very own needs.


Download: Money Manager Template for Excel by Smartsheet


6. Weekly Budget Spreadsheet

weekly budget spreadsheet

Don't like planning too much? Make use of this weekly planner provided by the experts over at ExcelTemplate. The sheet doesn't only look extremely appealing but works just as well as it seems. With the weekly format, you'll always be able to see your immediate purchases add up, pushing you to budget better.


Take budgeting to the next level and stop yourself from making unnecessary purchases. This template will encourage you to save your money and put it where it really matters, whether that is paying back a loan, working towards your mortgage or simply saving up to purchase a new item for the office.


Download: Personal Weekly Budget Template by ExcelTemplate


7. Expense Report Template

Expense Report Template


This simple yet powerful expense report template comes from Microsoft itself. A perfect fit for personal and business use, it allows you to categorize your payments, account for taxes, and record transaction time with ease.


Download: Blue expense report by Microsoft


Final thoughts


If you need any further help with Excel, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to SoftwareKeep for more informative articles related to productivity and modern-day technology!


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