PhoneSoap 3 Phone Sanitizer Review

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you’re effectively getting rid of the bacteria, germs, and viruses on your phone’s surface.
PhoneSoap 3 Phone Sanitizer Review

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people were made aware of just how important it is to keep your hands and devices sanitized. Forget having to buy stacks of microfiber cloths, special cleaning chemicals for your electronics, and invest in purchasing the PhoneSoap 3 Phone Sanitizer instead.

Phone Soap



This product was featured on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, and even gained viral traction on apps like TikTok and YouTube. So, what’s the buzz about? Is this product really worth it? We bought it and tested it to bring you an honest, reliable review.


Why you should buy PhoneSoap 3

Phone Soap 3


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Effective and healthy UV cleaning


Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you’re effectively getting rid of the bacteria, germs and viruses on your phone’s surface.


PhoneSoap 3 is the first UV-C sanitizer and charger on the market that properly cleans your device. It works with two scientifically tested and proven germicidal UV-C bulbs to entirely sanitize the surface of your phone. It kills 99.99% of all bacteria and germs, keeping you healthy and safe from contracting diseases and illnesses via touch.


Our phones accommodate bacteria and germs on the surface throughout the entire day. These harmful organisms have a longer chance of surviving, breeding and growing on your device as you store it in a warm and dark place, such as your pocket or purse. It’s extremely important for you to properly sanitize and clear these devices — it’s almost like a third hand you should wash.

Phone soap 3

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Sanitize your smartphone... and more!


This compact solution provides a way for you to effectively and quickly clear your electronics from germs. The PhoneSoap 3 was designed with devices in mind such as smartphones, meaning that it accommodates every phone model out there. Whether you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, the PhoneSoap 3 doesn’t discriminate.


PhoneSoap 3 is also completely safe to use for all sorts of electronics and other items, as long as it comfortably sits inside the designated UV area. We’ve tested the device with AirPods and the AirPods charging case, a smartwatch, pens, and even household items like keys and pacifiers.

Phone Soap 3

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Compact and stylish design


What we love about the PhoneSoap 3 is its portable yet stylish design. The device looks great on your desk, with many color options available to choose from upon your order. It’s compact and small enough to fit in your backpack, allowing you to safely transfer it between workspaces.


If you like neutral colors, the White and Black versions will be a great addition to your home office. On the other hand, eye catching variations like Aqua, Gold, and Orchid will bring some color — and safety, — to your life. Find the perfect match for your home office and stay safe without having to sacrifice aesthetics.

Another feature of PhoneSoap 3 that makes it stand out is the included charging port. These USB and USB-C ports in the back of the unit offer universal charging to all sorts of smartphones while it’s being sanitized.

Phonesoap 3

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List of PhoneSoap 3 features


  • Large sanitizing area. Dimensions: 173mm (6.8 inch) in length, 95mm (3.74 inch) in width, and 20mm (0.78 inch) in height.
  • Clean anything that fits. The sanitizer area allows you to fit in all smartphone models such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, with or without your phone case included.
  • Charge while sanitizing. Use the charging cable that comes with your phone - no special cable needed.
  • Stylish design options. PhoneSoap 3 comes in multiple different colors including black, white, aqua, gold, and more.
  • Proven results. The UV-C light bulbs in PhoneSoap 3 are safe for electronics, removing 99.99% of germs. Remove microorganisms hiding in crevices where regular cleaning wipes can’t even reach.
  • US power plug included. PhoneSoap 3 comes with a US power plug included in the package. Residents of other countries will require an adapter.

Final thoughts


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