Microsoft Office 2013 Vs. Office 2016: What’s the Difference?

Microsoft Office 2016 brings new changes from the previous versions. Here’s our detailed guide about Office 2013 vs Office 2016.
Office 2013 Vs. Office 2016

If you’ve been an avid Microsoft Office user for some time now you may have probably noticed the many changes that Microsoft has made over its extensive years. Since the early years of 2000, you may have worked with some of this Office software:

      • Office 2000
      • Office XP
      • Office 2003
      • Office 2007
      • Office 2010
      • Office 2013

Each of the versions listed above paved the way for improvements to your workday. And today, you’re going to learn the difference between Office 2013 vs Office 2016.

The Office suite has become so much more than just a set of tools. It is a great assistant for:

      • word processing
      • spreadsheets
      • presentations
      • publishing
      • email messaging

Productivity has been the hallmark aspect of using this program. The office has brought work and quality to a higher level through sharing, co-authoring, mobility and so much more.

What is Microsoft Office 2013?

What's Office 2013

Microsoft Office has become the flagship product that has been designed by Bill Gates for Microsoft. Microsoft Office is usually sold as a downloadable package of applications.

When Microsoft Office is used together with your program it creates a complete total office experience. Whether you’re using a word processor to spreadsheets, Microsoft Office 2013 will have you covered. 

Here is what you can expect from using Microsoft 2013. 

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a program that comes inside the Microsoft Office 2013 installation package.

Microsoft Publisher was designed to help users create as well as publish documents that can be printed along with being distributed with the click of a button. Microsoft Publisher allows you to produce several document themes and formats, such as: 

      • newsletters
      • business cards
      • and other similar documents 

Every theme is included, from personal to professional.

A great advantage of Microsoft Publisher is its ease of use along with the intuitive layout. Even if you’ve never used it before, you’ll find Microsoft Publisher particularly familiar if you’ve ever used any Microsoft product. 

Microsoft Publisher contains some of the same interface and functionality as any other Microsoft program that has been used in schools, at work or at home for those stay at home entrepreneurs.

Microsoft Publisher offers users a high degree of control over design and layout. Much more manipulation can happen on Microsoft Publisher that would be available on a program like Microsoft Word, such as shapes, sizes, and unique features. Microsoft Publisher is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is easily one of the most utilized programs that Microsoft offers. Microsoft Excel is the ultimate showpiece for businesses, making it possible for users to catalog as well as manipulate data, input records, along with produce spreadsheets regarding their most important data.

Microsoft Excel is far ahead in regards to the spreadsheet applications, no other spreadsheet application comes close to the same level of functionality. 

Microsoft Excel certainly not a database, but it works very well when you use a database along with Excel. Microsoft Excel gives you the opportunity to create charts as well as reports them from the data you provide.

As you can easily imagine, Microsoft Excel charts along with the reports are perfect for managers and accountants. You can store along with manipulating data which is great for in the office or keeping finances in check.

Besides the many uses that Microsoft Excel can provide users with its powerful features, Microsoft Excel also offers separate versions with full capabilities for both Windows and Mac users. 


Microsoft Word Documents

The biggest and, to be frank, the greatest word-processing program online is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is was incredibly easy to use and used by millions of people daily. The layout along with the features are fantastic; Microsoft Word is very easy to learn and it is also a very valuable tool to have at your disposal.

As a word-processing program, Microsoft Word allows you to produce text-rich documents such as:

      • writing a book or an essay
      • designing a resume
      • tracking staff logs 
      • drafting an office memo

You can:

      • Add any number of images
      • Add any number of graphs
      • Customize fonts
      • Customize shapes 
      • Customize colors to enhance your documents

You can also save your work in a number of formats.

Microsoft Word is the perfect program for those who may lack the technical ability to write as well as produce documents on their own accord. With Microsoft Word, you’re covered with a vast set of tools to help you, making it the premier platform to do any writing.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is Microsoft’s robust email provider that can sync with a number of added options and functions. Microsoft Outlook allows users to manage their email accounts as well as sync those accounts with :

      • schedules
      • calendars
      • Contacts
      • task lists 

These features help to streamline your workflow as well as increase your productivity by eliminating the need for separate applications.

You can set up multiple email accounts within Microsoft Outlook. Thus, meaning that inside the one client’s application you can have your:

      • Gmail
      • Hotmail
      • Yahoo
      • and any other accounts you may have

For example, you can seamlessly integrate your university, work, and personal emails.

Microsoft Outlook really sets the bar high for other email providers, in regards that Microsoft Outlook fully integrated task as well as scheduling planner apart from other email clients. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations are very much one of the most important educational, as well as, professional tools. Microsoft PowerPoint is an essential business function. Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow application that is quite easily the most impressive one today.

Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the potential to produce professional as well as streamlined presentations from wherever you are working with, with the use of very technical templates and presets. 

You get access to a wide selection of themes as well as templates that are ready to use.

The Presenter mode is easily one of the hallmark features of Microsoft PowerPoint, thus allowing you to set up the presentation in advance - so that you can better prepare yourself for your presentation. 

Microsoft PowerPoint also provides you the option to hook up to a projector or larger monitor, perfect for large workplace or classroom settings.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is one of the lesser-known programs in the Microsoft suite, however, that is not to say that Microsoft Visio is the least useful. Microsoft Visio is a perfect choice and tool for users that need to produce graphs as well as diagrams regularly. 

You can choose from a wide-ranging list of diagrams, all from flow charts to floor plans.

By using Microsoft Visio, you will be able to export diagrams as well as graphs into other Microsoft programs with relative ease.

The Power of Office 2013

The ability to connect, collaborate and to share your work wirelessly makes Microsoft Office truly a unique program. Microsoft Office offers flexibility — and it is very powerful in delivering the best work possible; whether for the office, for your home online business, or for school projects. 

  • Integrated tools and design elementsCreate standout reports along with presentations by using one of the built-in templates. Or maybe you can capture your creativity using the integrated tools along with the design elements.
  • Stay connected to your projects: Office 2013 includes a new co-authoring experience so that you can work in real-time with other people; even if you're not in the same physical location.
  • Producing Amazing Results Easier: With Office 2013, you're in control, getting things done as well as producing amazing results however and wherever you work best.

Microsoft Office 2013 Vs Microsoft 2016: Which is the best?

Microsoft Office 2016 is truly a major upgrade, but not in the way you’d first assume. Just as Windows 10 connects notebooks, your desktops, your phones, and your tablets together, Office 2016 also adds a layer of intelligence. 

Microsoft adds two new apps to the Office 2016, which are: Sway and Delve. 


      • Microsoft adds two new apps: Sway and Delve
      • Outlook Groups forms the foundation of new collaborative focus
      • Business intelligence now integrated inside Excel


      • Real-time editing still to come in Excel, PowerPoint
      • Free Office Mobile apps make paying for Office a tough choice
      • Office's collaborative vision works best for businesses

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