TFTS: Score One for the Good Guys (Funny)

Some tales from tech support are stories of difficult moments with users, others are hilarious and can make your day. Here's a hilarious one.

Some tales from tech support are stories of difficult moments with users, others are hilarious and can make your day. Here's one example of a tale that made my day.

Score One for the Good Guys


Score One for the Good Guys (Funny)

It was the summer of 2012. I was on the help desk for a large utility company and had my fair share of calls that day. Nothing was quite like this one user, and I wasn’t prepared for the laughs I’d have after this particular encounter.

I received a call from a user with an inbox issue. She stated that she didn’t receive an email she was supposed to get that day, but she did see a reply to the email in her inbox. This seems to be a common issue, probably something related to sorting and search settings.

I asked if I could take a look at her software through a remote software and try to figure this out for her. She said I sure can, but was very adamant about the fact that it won’t do anything — the email is supposedly not here. She also let me know that she’s an Outlook “power user” per se, which was the first red flag that this won’t end well for me.

After getting connected, I immediately noticed that the Outlook search bar isn’t turned on. I went to make this search bar visible (simple thing, you just go into the File menu, Options, and customize the ribbon to show the search bar) and went to look for the original email. Sure enough, in just about 45 seconds of searching, I found it. No replies, just the original email the lady was looking for. 

Score one for the good guys

Instead of getting a simple “thank you” or some other appreciative gesture, the woman seemed to get angry with me. “This wasn’t there before,” she said. I asked her if she needs help with anything else, which she ignored, and continued on accusing me of changing something.

I told her that yes, I indeed changed something. I made the Outlook search bar visible and used it to locate the original message. Nothing more, nothing less. Upon hearing this, she hung up on me with a snotty “hump” being the last thing I heard from the other side of the line. Well, you’re welcome, I guess.

One last suggestion, though. It seems that the “power” in “power user” needs a recharge before you can continue using that title.

Final thoughts

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Original post was written by DogPatch1149 on Reddit.

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