A Toolbar for Office 365 is Microsoft’s Newest App for Mac

Microsoft’s new Microsoft 365 menu bar for Mac makes it easy to place Skype calls, access your iCloud calendar, open OneDrive files, and more!
A Toolbar for Office 365 is Microsoft’s Newest App for Mac

Microsoft’s new My Workspace menu bar for Mac makes it easy to place Skype calls, access your iCloud calendar, open OneDrive files, and view pinned documents. Non-obtrusive, the new development for Office 365 sits in the system tray until you’re ready to use it. If being able to access the tools you use most matters to you, you’ll be happy to use My Workspace regularly.

Adding Value to a Person’s Day

Garage Team interns in Vancouver created the menu bar as a way to “add value to a person’s day.” Any application or tool that streamlines multiple tasks or makes them viewable in one convenient location is ideal. It saves people time and energy because they don’t have to open multiple apps to gain access to the things they need to view daily.

Microsoft Creates Products That Save Time and Increase Productivity

Microsoft Office programs and applications are full of time-saving tools and features. That’s why so many people depend on the software suite to do personal, professional, and academic things.

In a world where efficiency is rewarded, it only makes sense to have the tools on hand that make that possible. Having a computer with a high-speed internet connection saves you valuable time accessing and loading web pages. Hardware with a fast processor allows programs to load quickly so you’re not sitting around waiting to get started on your work.

The same type of logic can be applied to Microsoft’s software and apps. They’re designed to increase productivity by simplifying complex tasks, providing shortcuts, and allowing you to fine-tune, edit, and save your work. That’s why they’re tested by real life users like you before any developments are shared with the public.

If issues cause users strife, feedback is shared with developers so the product can be improved. That’s what makes Microsoft products excellent in every way because you influence them, the user. Regular updates increase accessibility while focusing on productivity.

Efficiency is the Key to Greater Productivity

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You’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to excel at whatever you’re trying to accomplish. For example, suppose you’re creating a company newsletter for the first time. In that case, you’ll benefit from spending time reading tutorials and exploring the different tools available in programs such as Word and apps such as Publisher. This allows you to see how each tool works in response to the things that you are trying to accomplish within the file.

Software Keep is Ready to Answer Your Questions About Microsoft Software

Microsoft continuously improves its software offerings to make them more accessible and productive. If you have questions about any of our products, feel free to consult our FAQ page for additional information. If you’d rather speak to a company representative directly, that option exists as well.

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