How Microsoft Office Can Ease the Transition from Home to School

Microsoft Office for education and students. Here are some of the ways that Microsoft Office can ease students' transition from home to school.
How Microsoft Office Can Ease the Transition from Home to School

August is fast approaching, and you’ll soon be going away to school. You won’t have access to your family’s computer and copy of Microsoft Office once you’re away. That’s why it’s time to download it onto your new Mac or PC laptop.

You’ll have the software on hand whenever you need it most. Your college program will likely require you to do a lot of work on the computer. Rather than hope for the best, once you get to school, you’ll arrive at campus prepared to take on the new semester successfully.

Prepare in Advance for the Upcoming School Year

Here are some of the ways that Microsoft Office can ease the transition from home to school:

By making you better prepared to apply for jobs while in school.

Microsoft Word provides you with templates that you can use to update your cover letter and resume. Just personalize it with your own details, save it, and print it as often as needed. You can customize your cover letter to fit each position you apply for by saving the document as a template and renaming it each time you change it.

By helping you stay in touch with family and friends.

Outlook, Office’s email client, allows you to send and receive emails easily. You can stay in touch with family and friends back home and still have a way to communicate with your professors and classmates at school. You can save important emails by dropping them into folders, too. If there’s a date you need to remember, you can add it to your calendar within Outlook so you don’t forget it.

By allowing you to take creative notes.

OneNote allows you to capture your ideas better than you’ve ever could get them down before. You can type, handwrite, doodle, and share your notes with classmates. You’re able to take notes that make sense to you.

By helping you properly format papers.

Set up margins, determine how much spacing you need, and add titles, subtitles, and headers to your document. You’ll have no problem turning in papers your professors find easy to read and grade.

By giving your slideshow presentations that extra oomph.

Add media in the form of photos, graphics, charts, tables, and music. You don’t have to give a boring presentation. You can make yours stand out so you’re able to captivate your audience.

Office provides you with freedom and flexibility to get your schoolwork done fast. The list offers just a sample of what you can do with the programs you gain access to with purchase of MS Office. There is so much more you can learn to do through the help of video and written tutorials.

Download a Digital Copy Now in Preparation of Your Move into the Dorms

Now that you’re getting ready to go back to school, you’ll be prepared by having Microsoft Office already downloaded to your computer or laptop. When you move into the dorms, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. All the papers you’ll be responsible for writing and turning in will be done easily, thanks to the productivity tools that make up MS Word.

Skip the Line at the College Bookstore

Download a digital copy of the popular software suite today and avoid standing in line at the campus bookstore to buy Office. Within minutes of paying for your purchase, you’ll receive an email from Software Keep telling you what to do next. You’ll download and install the software to your PC or Mac and receive instant access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Be a Master at Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Students is the powerhouse tool you need to master your school projects this year. You’ll be able to get things done in half the time because you can work in your spare time on your own computer rather than wait around for the school library or computer lab to open.

Give Yourself the Gift of Productivity

Give yourself the gift of productivity this school year. Software Keep provides customer and technical support. Let us know if you run into any issues while downloading or using your software. We’ll help you overcome any challenges you have with MS Office immediately.