Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment Gives Admins More Control

Admins now have greater control over office add-ins with Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment. Here's everything you need to learn.
Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment Gives Admins More Control

Admins now have greater control over office add-ins with Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment.

With hundreds of options available, the sky is the limit where productivity is concerned. Admins take into consideration the role that each employee plays and what add-ins enhance their experience by making them better capable of doing their job faster.

Centralized Deployment Emphasizes Efficiency and Productivity

Fulfilling the needs of every employee is a tall order for even the most skilled enterprise administrator. That’s why Microsoft made Office 365 Centralized Deployment available to all Office 365 admins starting this month.

With an emphasis on efficiency and productivity, it allows individuals, teams, departments, and companies to maximize the resources they have during working hours by increasing their opportunities to get tasks and projects done quickly and successfully using the tools they have on hand.

Admins Have a Choice in How They Deploy Add-Ins

The power to deploy add-ins is available through the Office 365 Admin Center or PowerShell scripts, whichever option is preferable.

In order for admins to access this feature, they must have a recent and updated version of Office as well as an OAuth enabled version of Exchange.

The requirements website provides immediate answers to whether an enterprise Office deployment is compatible with centralized deployment.

The advantages of this new option include a better employee experience overall and greater efficiency. Think about how annoying it is for every department and team to have the same add-ins on their computers when half won’t even use them.

By making the user experience personal, you avoid the headaches that come with adding and removing add-ins based on employee needs.

Microsoft is Committed to Delivering Excellence Worldwide

Microsoft is highly regarded worldwide for its commitment to making tasks easier and more efficient for its customers.

Options such as Centralized Deployment exist to reduce the amount of strain that comes with overseeing an entire enterprise’s need for specific add-ins. It makes the task effortless which is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Regular updates to software and applications ensure that they are accessible and relevant. MS users have busy schedules and need to get tasks done quickly and successfully.

Microsoft keeps this in mind, so they go the lengths they do to test out new updates prior to releasing them to the public.

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