Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and its Features

Enhance your system's virtualization using service packs. These are patches and features for software and OS. Learn more about service pack 1 here.
Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and its Features

Microsoft released a major update for Windows 7, called Service Pack 1 (SP1), in February 2011. Windows Service Packs often combine previous updates and sometimes can offer new features to the operating system they’re made for.

Windows 7 was already a popular upgrade from Vista. Its reworked Taskbar reduced clutter, previews were slicker and System Tray is easier to control, making it more convenient for users.

With SP1, Microsoft further improved security, stability, and performance, giving Windows 7 users an even better experience.

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To find out more about the extra features that come with SP1 for Windows 7, we’ve marked these out for you below:

Guaranteed Security Update

Service Pack 1

Security updates are designed to make sure your computer stays protected against any new threats.

SP1 brings a host of bug fixes and security fixes for Windows 7. Bringing your operating system’s security features up to date, in turn, helps improve the reliability of your system.

Designed for enterprise-level, you can also be confident the updates won’t compromise any important documents or applications on your computer.

Improved Reliability for HDMI Audio Devices Connection

One of the issues that SP1 resolves is Windows 7 connectivity with HDMI audio devices. Windows 7 users reported problems with specific brands while some would only receive sound output from their computers’ built-in speakers.

SP1 fixes this problem however, so you no longer need to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling drivers trying to get your audio devices to work.

Programs Compatibility

With SP1’s updates, you may now be able to use some programs that previously had compatibility issues with Windows 7.

However, there is also a flipside. Due to the security fixes and performance updates with SP1, other programs may no longer work well with the upgrade. Specific programs found to have issues with SP1 are Ideazon Z Engine, IncrediMail Xe, AlibreDesignExpress, Lenovo System Update, and Ninja Trader. You can try restarting your computer to see if these work after the SP1 update, but there’s a risk they may not.

XPS Viewer Printing

Another fix that comes with SP1 is for printing .xps files using the XPS Viewer.

Windows 7 users occasionally experienced difficulties trying to use the XPS Viewer, even after setting permission for .xps files. With SP1’s fixes installed, however, you’ll be able to print with the XPS Viewer seamlessly and have improved printer compatibility.

Enhanced Visualization Capabilities

Windows 7 SP1 also comes with improved features for virtualization. Two such features are Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX.

Dynamic Memory allows users to increase the density of a virtual machine, without compromising their system’s security or performance.

RemoteFX supports GPU virtualization on the server’s side. This helps produce a better 3D user experience, as well as richer media.

Regular Updates

To help ensure SP1 resolves problems for all Windows 7 users, it’s compatible with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

SP1 is also designed to support the most up to date version of your operating system, so you can keep your operating system up to date and remain confident in its performance.

Microsoft developed SP1 in response to customer feedback and insights. Focusing on the most common issues users found with Windows 7, it improved security, performance, and compatibility.

As a result, SP1 helps reduce the risk of program crashes or viruses on your computer in the long run. This is especially important if you’re using Windows for work and want to safeguard your documents and applications.

With customer satisfaction at the top of our minds, at SoftwareKeep we’ve made sure that SP1 is included in the installer package with any Windows 7 purchase. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the full set of SP1’s features on your computer.

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