These Easy-to-Follow Tips Make Using Microsoft Word Effortless

If you’ve switched to Microsoft Office for Mac and aren’t sure how to use Word yet, you’re in luck. This is your holy grail to using Microsoft Word effortlessly.
These Easy-to-Follow Tips Make Using Microsoft Word Effortless

If you’ve made the switch to Microsoft Office and aren’t sure how to use Word yet, you’re in luck.

You’ll find written and video tutorials throughout the internet. We’re even known to include step-by-step instructions on how to use the powerful word processing program in the blogs that we write.

Here, we give you some basic instructions on how to use Word to enhance your written communications.

User-Friendly Options Make Microsoft Products Stand Out

Microsoft has long been a favorite worldwide because of its easy-to-use software. Constantly improving upon current options, the company uses regular updates to build upon already developed software and apps. Many of these updates make Office more accessible for everyone.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that make using Microsoft Word software effortless:

Change the default settings in your document.

Although you’re not able to do this with every setting you find in the word processing program, you are able to change the Font, Paragraph Spacing, Line Spacing, Margins, and Page Orientation. That means that you’ll have access to options that allow you to customize your word documents. If you want to emphasize certain areas of text with a different font, you’re able to switch between your choices with ease. You can also help determine the flow of the document by the placement of paragraph and line spaces. Help the reader see things the way that you do by creating a natural hierarchy on the page.

Add headers and footers.

If you want specific information to be at the top or bottom of every page of your document, you’ll want to set up a header and a footer. You’re given the option at the top of your word document. You’ll need to access the menu tab that reads ‘Insert’ then ‘Header’ or ‘Footer’. You’ll see the options that are available for each.

Put page numbers in a document.

You’ll want to put page numbers into documents that are lengthy. It’s especially important for books and manuals that are broken down into chapters. A table of contents helps present this information in a clear and concise way. To find the chapter that a person is interested in reading, they refer to the page number found in the table of contents. Page numbers help keep your ideas in order by allowing them to be referenced easily.

Create a margin that fits your document.

If you plan on binding or stapling your documents together, you’ll want to allow enough room to do so. That’s what makes setting custom margins important. It gives you the opportunity to keep pertinent information in the center of the page without losing details during the binding process. You’ll still have clear materials for people to read, but they won’t be loose papers that could get lost in the shuffle. Instead, they’ll have a spiral bound edge, saddle stitched edge or perfectly bound book or manual that is legible.

Practice Makes Perfect in Increasing Proficiency

Microsoft Office is a robust software suite designed with efficiency in mind. If you haven’t yet mastered using Word, learning tips like the ones mentioned in this blog are valuable. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the software and apps. You’ll find our blog full of ways to strengthen your personal, professional, and academic communications.

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