Microsoft Office vs WordPerfect - Choosing the Right Office Suite

Confused about which office suite to pick? Explore the differences between Microsoft Office and WordPerfect to make an informed decision.
Microsoft Office vs WordPerfect

In the realm of word processing software, Microsoft's Word and Corel's WordPerfect have reigned supreme for years. The debate over which one is superior has fueled countless discussions among users. 

While Microsoft Word has undoubtedly claimed the lion's share of the market, there remains a dedicated fanbase that swears by the unique offerings of WordPerfect. Deciding between the two giants can be overwhelming, but fear not! In this article, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of both programs, empowering you to make an informed choice based on your personal preferences and specific word processing needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Compatibility
  2. Formatting
  3. Support Costs
  4. Features
  5. Diverse Industry Reviews for Microsoft Word
  6. WordPerfect Reviews Across Industries
  7. Corel WordPerfect: Advantages and Challenges
  8. Microsoft Word: Advantages and Drawbacks for Legal Aid Professionals
  9. FAQs
  10. Final Thoughts


Compatibility has been a significant factor contributing to Word's superiority over WordPerfect. With Microsoft Windows dominating the market, Word has secured a staggering 90% share. 

This immense popularity has made Word the preferred word processing choice for schools, businesses, and companies alike. Consequently, many WordPerfect users have had to adapt and either switch to Word or go through the extra step of saving files in a compatible Word format before submission.

The widespread usage of Word in various industries and sectors has established it as the go-to option for most users, leading to WordPerfect's decline in popularity. However, it's worth noting that WordPerfect still retains its prominence in the legal profession, where its precise formatting tools are highly valued.

Word's dominance is largely due to its compatibility with the widely used Microsoft Windows systems. This has made it the preferred choice for most institutions and corporations, leaving WordPerfect with a niche user base in certain fields, notably in the legal sector.


Formatting features play a significant role in WordPerfect's appeal, especially among its loyal users in the legal field. The standout advantage of WordPerfect lies in its "Reveal Codes" feature, which allows users to swiftly correct formatting errors. Additionally, WordPerfect offers a host of unique formatting tools, such as specialized numbering, redaction, and editing features, making it the preferred choice for many.

One particular area where WordPerfect excels is in header and footer manipulation, which users find much more user-friendly compared to Word's counterpart. On the other hand, users often express frustration with Word's default document formatting, which can be challenging to modify to suit specific needs.

To address this disparity, Word introduced its "Reveal Formatting" feature, aiming to bridge the gap with WordPerfect's "Reveal Codes." With this functionality, Word users can now enjoy similar benefits, gaining more control over their document formatting.

Support Costs

Support costs can be a crucial consideration when deciding between Word and WordPerfect for business use. Opting for Word can lead to reduced support expenses since most employees and staff are already familiar with the program, minimizing the need for extensive training. On the other hand, adopting WordPerfect may require additional investments in time and money for training and technical support.

The widespread familiarity with Word among employees enables a smoother transition and faster adoption, ensuring better productivity from the start. In contrast, introducing WordPerfect could lead to a learning curve and potential disruptions to the workflow.

Word's template feature is another advantage that contributes to lower support costs. Standardized templates in Word can streamline document creation, reduce user confusion, and enhance overall business efficiency. By leveraging pre-designed templates, employees can create documents consistently and quickly, reducing the need for extensive support or assistance.


WordPerfect Office X6, released in 2012, offers distinct features that are not present in Word 2010. Notably, it incorporates a built-in eBook publisher, streamlining the process of adding chapter headings, tables of content, and photos to create eBooks. Additionally, it facilitates document conversion into preferred formats for eReaders and mobile devices, simplifying digital distribution.

Another standout feature is the new previewing function, enhancing user productivity. With this functionality, users can view and edit files directly from Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook before fully opening them. This results in faster and more efficient work, saving time and reducing the need for unnecessary file openings.

Diverse Industry Reviews for Microsoft Word

Reviewers from various industries have shared their experiences with Microsoft Word, providing valuable insights into its usage across different sectors. The majority of reviewers, around 69.2%, come from diverse backgrounds not specifically categorized in the given industries. However, among those with specified industries, the Information Technology and Services sector comprises 9.7% of reviewers, followed by Computer Software at 7.2%.

Higher Education professionals make up 5.9% of reviewers, indicating the software's relevance in academic settings. Additionally, representatives from Education Management and Marketing and Advertising contribute 4.1% and 3.9%, respectively.

WordPerfect Reviews Across Industries

WordPerfect has garnered reviews from users in various sectors, with Legal Services being the most prominent at 14.3%. It is closely followed by Law Practice and Education Management, each representing 8.6% of the reviewers.

The software also finds usage in Non-Profit Organization Management and Medical Practice industries, with each contributing 4.3% of the reviewers.

Additionally, a portion of the reviewers comes from unspecified industries, falling under the "Other" category.

Corel WordPerfect: Advantages and Challenges

Corel WordPerfect boasts several advantages and unique features, making it a preferred choice, particularly among legal professionals. Some of its key advantages include:

  • Formatting Fixes: The "reveal codes" feature allows for quick formatting corrections, making collaboration with other users smoother.
  • Legal Specialization: WordPerfect caters specifically to the legal profession, providing tools like pleading numbering, redaction, and a pleading editor, which are highly valued by legal professionals.
  • Document Formatting: Manipulating headers, footers, and page numbering is easy, making it especially suitable for creating pleading papers.
  • Format Conversions: WordPerfect allows for effortless conversion to various file types, such as PDF.

However, there are certain disadvantages associated with WordPerfect, including:

  • Fewer Users: WordPerfect's user base has declined outside the legal profession, with the majority of law firms now using Word instead.
  • Support Costs: Supporting and training for WordPerfect add to the overhead, as IT staff needs to manage both WordPerfect and the Microsoft Office suite, leading to increased time and monetary investments.
  • Technical Bent: The "reveal codes" feature may be challenging for users not familiar with software coding, potentially causing difficulties for lawyers and staff.
  • File Corruption Risk: Frequent file conversions between WordPerfect and other formats may increase the risk of file corruption.
  • Corel's Business Problems: Corel's struggles to compete with Microsoft and Google have impacted WordPerfect's market share, leading some experts to predict a challenging future for the software.

Microsoft Word: Advantages and Drawbacks for Legal Aid Professionals

Microsoft Word offers several advantages and some drawbacks compared to WordPerfect, making it a popular choice among legal aid professionals. Some of the advantages of Microsoft Word include:


  • Cost-effective for Nonprofits: Nonprofits can obtain Word at a significantly discounted price through TechSoup, whereas the terms of the discount for WordPerfect are less clear.
  • Abundant Training Resources: There are numerous low-cost Word training options available, particularly tailored for the legal aid community, which may not be as readily available for WordPerfect.
  • Familiarity: Many young lawyers and staff are already familiar with Word due to its widespread use, facilitating seamless adoption.
  • Enhanced Collaborative Editing: Word's track changes feature provides clear visual cues for edits, while WordPerfect only allows users to compare differences between documents.
  • Extensive Templates: Word offers a wide range of pre-formatted templates, streamlining document creation.
  • Integration with Other Applications: Word effectively integrates with popular legal aid applications like HotDocs and Windows Speech Recognition, while WordPerfect excels with Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • Advanced File Protection: Word provides more options for protecting files, allowing authors to restrict alterations to the document or its format.


  • Add-ins Required: Some legal-specific features in Word require locating and installing Microsoft add-ins, like Redaction.
  • Dynamic Ribbon Interface: Word's dynamic ribbon interface can be frustrating for some users, as it changes based on the content being edited.
  • Automatic Formatting: Word's preset document formatting can be perceived as cumbersome and may require users to undo standard configurations.


Does anybody still use WordPerfect?

Yes, there is still a small but dedicated user base that continues to use WordPerfect for specific purposes.

Is WordPerfect compatible with Microsoft Office?

Yes, WordPerfect can open and save files in various formats compatible with Microsoft Office, ensuring cross-platform functionality.

What is the advantage of WordPerfect?

One advantage of WordPerfect lies in its powerful and precise formatting tools, making it popular among legal professionals and others who require precise document layouts.

Why did WordPerfect fail?

WordPerfect's decline can be attributed to its slow adaptation to graphical user interfaces, particularly during the transition to Windows, which allowed Microsoft Word to gain a dominant market position.

What is WordPerfect used for?

WordPerfect is used for word processing tasks, including creating, editing, and formatting documents such as letters, reports, legal documents, and more.

Final Thoughts

In the ongoing battle between Microsoft Office and WordPerfect, both software suites offer unique advantages and cater to specific user preferences. Microsoft Office, with its widespread popularity and compatibility, has become the dominant choice for most industries, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking familiarity and ease of collaboration. 

On the other hand, WordPerfect retains a loyal user base, particularly in the legal profession, owing to its specialized formatting tools and document manipulation capabilities. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual needs, workflow requirements, and the level of familiarity within the user's organization. 

Both options provide powerful word processing solutions, ensuring users can find the right fit for their specific word processing needs.

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