How to Install Language Accessory Pack for Office

By adding an additional language accessory pack, you increase your display features. Learn more about language Accessory Pack here.

Microsoft Office is a handy tool that can be easily accessorized for maximum potential. By adding an additional language accessory pack, you can increase your display features, add extra help functions and increased proofreading tools to standard Office features.

Accessory packs are available for many versions of Office, but let’s focus on the language pack for Office 2010 and Office 2013.

How to dd an Accessory Pack for Office 2013 or 2010

Adding a language accessory pack to  Microsoft Office is simple if you follow a few basic steps. These steps work for both Language Accessory Packs for Office 2013 and Office 2010. The only difference is in choosing which version of Office you have.

Step 1: Choose Version and Language

  • The first step is to choose the version of the Office Language Accessory Pack you want to install from the download links provided by Office. 
  • You can find this by going to Microsoft Office-Install.  In a drop-down menu along the left side of the screen, click on Language Pack for Office.
How to install office language pack 2010
  • Find the tab for either Office 2013 or Office 2010.  Select the version you want to install. If you are unsure which version you need or have a clickable link will offer help so that you can determine the correct version.
  • Another tab with a drop-down menu will be visible for selecting the language. Choose your language.

Once you have followed those two steps, it’s time to choose the architecture for which version of Office you want to use.  Language accessory packs for Office 2013 and Office 2010 are available as free downloads for either the 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) architecture.

Which Architecture to choose?

If you’re unsure which architecture to choose, read the tab in the Microsoft Office support tab with this heading.  But, for quick reference - the 64-bit version is automatically installed unless you specifically choose the 32-bit version before installation.

If you need more memory and are working with large files or large amounts of data, it’s best to install the 64-bit version.  You’ll gain more resources in regard to processing power and substantially more memory. If you are undecided, it’s best to read all the information about this under the topic headings in the menu.

How to Install Langauge Accessory Pack

You’ve selected the version of Office you want.  Chosen the language, determined the architecture to use.  Now it’s time to install the Language Accessory pack.  Download the file from the appropriate link.  Once it’s downloaded, double click to install.

Step 2: A) Configure Language

The Office Language Accessory Pack is installed but you still have another step. It’s time to configure the language for your new language preferences.

  •  Open any Office program to begin.
How to install language pack for office 2010
  •  From the menu choose File - Options - Language
Language options in word
  • Another menu box will pop up.  Look for Choose Editing Languages.
Installing language accessories in Office
  • Search for the language you have installed. Check to make sure the language is Enabled.  If your language accessory pack has added proofing tools, check under the column labeled Proofing.  You should see the word Installed.

Step 2: B) Choose Display and Help Languages

In this step, you can choose to change the default display and help languages for all of your Office applications.

  1.  Open any Office program to begin.
  2. From the menu choose File - Options - Language.
  3. When another menu box pops up, select the option  Choose Display Language.

Not all language accessory packs have this option available. If the language accessory pack does have this option, you will find it available under this menu.  With this option, you can set the language priority order for the buttons, tabs, and help menu.

Step 3: Final Step

Your final step to adding a language accessory pack is simple.

  1. Restart all Office programs.
  2. Your preferences and new language accessory pack should take effect.

In just a few simple steps, you’ve added a language accessory pack to your Office.

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