Windows 11 Pro vs Windows 10 Pro

Discover the difference. Compare Windows 11 Pro vs Windows 10 Pro to see new and enhanced features for your individual or business use.
Windows 11 Pro vs Windows 10 Pro

As per numerous reviews, the current period presents the most opportune time to transition to Windows 11. The reasons are compelling for Windows users.

Windows 11, released on October 5, 2021, is now close to 3 years old. Since its release, Windows 11 has matured, become more stable, and improved. Windows users also get your favorite Windows features plus innovations to heighten productivity, bolster security, and make you business-ready. 

Compared to Windows 10 Pro, the new Windows 11 Pro has performance improvements and several key differences with an improved user interface and experience.

Let’s dive in and see how Windows 11 Pro vs Windows 10 Pro operating systems compare to make one choose the best Windows OS from another for Windows users. 

Windows 10 Pro Overview

Windows 10 Pro is a comprehensive operating system designed for professionals and businesses. It offers a robust suite of applications tailored to enhance productivity and efficiency. Included are essential apps like:

  • Classic MS Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access
  • Microsoft Edge for browsing
  • Microsoft Office suite for document creation and collaboration
  • Built-in security features such as Windows Defender Antivirus and BitLocker encryption.

Key features include:

  • Ability to join a domain or Azure Active Directory
  • Remote desktop functionality on the Windows PC.
  • Advanced device management options through Group Policy. 

Windows 10 Pro benefits include seamless integration with cloud services, enhanced security protocols, and regular updates, ensuring optimal performance. It serves as a versatile platform for various professional and business uses, ranging from small-scale enterprises to large corporations.

Windows 11 Pro Overview 

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows Operating System, released in 2021. It's the newest of all Windows Operating systems and the most advanced of them.

Windows 11 Pro is an advanced and new operating system designed to elevate productivity and creativity for professionals and businesses. It comes with a suite of essential apps, including:

  • The new Microsoft Teams integration for seamless communication and collaboration, 
  • Microsoft Edge for fast and secure browsing on your Windows PC.
  • Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft 365) for document creation and editing. 

Key features of Windows 11 Pro include:

  • A redesigned Start menu and taskbar
  • Enhanced window management with Snap Layouts and Snap Groups
  • Support for running Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. 
  • Microsoft Teams or communication and collaboration.
  • Virtual desktops and multiple monitors.
  • improved security.

The key benefits of choosing Windows 11 Pro include improved performance, enhanced productivity, enhanced security features such as hardware-based isolation and Windows Hello for secure authentication, and a sleek, modern user interface.

Windows 11 Pro is designed for a wide range of professional and business uses, empowering users to work efficiently and creatively.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Explore Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Pro is built for businesses. Supercharge insights and efficiency with Copilot and Windows 11 Pro, Android apps, Microsoft Teams, the redefined Microsoft Store, the centered start menu, and more.

Overall, Windows 11 is a performance Windows OS.

Let's see what's different in Window 11;

Windows 11 is Built for the future

Move into the future with Windows 11 Pro for business using the following functionalities:

  • Breakthrough productivity - With inclusive AI-powered experiences, immersive workflows, and unmatched personalization, you and your team can do it all on a Windows 11 Pro PC.
  • Protection by default - With layers of security enabled, you can work from anywhere shielded by powerful cybersecurity across hardware, software, identities, and data.
  • Unlock AI Advantage - Stay ahead of modern business requirements and rethink your workplace with industry-leading AI.
  • Quiet help desks and happy employees - Get employees up and running quickly with modern computers and simple self-help features.

Elevate every workstyle

Get your best work done, wherever and however you want. With AI-powered efficiency, intelligent workflows, and unmatched personalization, PCs using Windows 11 Pro deliver an average of 42% faster completion of demanding workloads.

  • AI at your fingertips - Discover Copilot in Windows PC with commercial data protection. Your new AI assistant does the heavy lifting, so you can do the extraordinary. Protect business data and bring intelligent tools together on your Windows 11 Pro PC.
  • Organized layouts. Seamless redocking for better productivity - Get work done faster and use snap layouts to organize open windows and web pages. Pick up where you left off with seamless redocking. Wonderful!
  • Organize your work with unique desktops - Create separate desktops (or virtual desktops) for each project or workstream and switch between them from your Taskbar.

Windows 11 Pro is built to protect against evolving threats

With phishing safeguards, passwordless security, and app control, Windows 11 pro customers report a reduction in security incidents by up to 58% — and 2.8 times fewer instances of identity theft compared to Windows 10 pro.

  • Protect at the core - Get powerful hardware-backed protection with the TPM 2.0 built-in and enabled by default. Read here why Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0. If you use a Microsoft account, you can download and use the PC Health Check application to see if your device is compatible with Windows 11 Pro.
  • Sign in securely - Enable easy, secure sign-in with Windows Hello passwordless using face, fingerprint, or PIN. Plus, leverage presence sensing to lock computers when you leave and sign in with Windows Hello when you approach.
  • Protect identities, data, and devices anywhere - Help keep business and personal information secure and be productive whether you're at home, the office, or on the road. You can work anywhere securely.

Business transformation simplified

With Windows 11 Pro, you can stay ahead of modern business requirements and make life easy for IT with guaranteed compatibility, fast deployments and a reported 80% drop in helpdesk calls. This is a big plus for Windows 10 Pro and improves performance.

  • Simplified adoption - Deploy and update Windows 11 Pro easily with key tools like Windows Update for Business.
  • Business-ready computers anywhere - Use zero-touch provisioning with Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Intune to achieve a 25% faster deployment time. Plus automate updates with Windows Update for Business.
  • Everything just works - Windows 11 Pro is designed to work with business apps and hardware you use today, including Android apps, making it easy to deliver productivity upgrades.

Security and Business Readiness

Windows 11has layers of security already enabled and fast deployment. Save time and money with a reported 25% faster deployment through efficient, cost-effective IT.

Deploy groundbreaking technologies with powerful out-of-the-box protection and built-in advanced network security.

Advanced network security, including encryption and firewall protection, now supports Hyper-V Firewall, Wi-Fi6, WPA3, and an encrypted DNS protocol. It also supports more Bluetooth connections, including Secure Simple Pairing, Secure Connections, and Core Spec compliance up through version 5.3.

Work with Android apps on Windows 11 Pro

One key aspect of Windows 11 is its acceptance of third-party apps, such as Android apps, which improve work productivity and support increased efficiency. Now, you don't have to worry whether or not a particular app will work on your PC.

Redesigned Microsoft Store

Microsoft has redesigned its web app store for Windows with a new UI to make it easier to find apps. The new store can be used to search for Windows apps and Xbox PC games, and links from the site open in the Microsoft Store client on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Overview of Windows 11 Pro Key Benefits

The first thing you'll notice about Windows 11 Pro is its new UI and start menu, which is so different from Windows 10. New UI.

Windows 11 is easier on the eyes and easier to use. Microsoft refined the best elements of Windows 10 to create a soothing place to work and play.

In addition, Windows 11 Pro has an improved touchscreen. While Windows 10 worked well with touch inputs, Windows 11 was designed with them in mind for a true mouse-less or keyboard-less experience.

Other key and notable improvements on Windows 11 Pro include the following:

  • Microsoft Teams - Built-in Microsoft Teams app app
  • Set up for your work style - Windows computers offer the widest choice of form factors and are compatible with nearly every accessory and application.
  • Enhanced phishing protection - Dive into work anywhere shielded by enhanced phishing protection with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.
  • Passwordless - Enable easy, secure sign-on and simplify IT management with Windows Hello for Business.
  • Most secure Windows ever - Computers come with built-in security layers, so you can dive into work anywhere shielded by powerful cybersecurity.
  • Energy efficiency - Windows 11 Pro can help you save energy, reduce emissions, and extend battery life.
  • Smart videoconferencing - Keep the focus on you with intelligent camera effects and taskbar controls. 
  • Breakthrough productivity - Elevate your workstyle with AI-enhanced experiences and immersive workflows. Employees can do their best work from anywhere with world-class fundamentals like exceptional reliability and long battery life. 
  • Desktops - Create a separate desktop (or several virtual desktops) for each project or workstream and switch instantly between them from your taskbar.
  • Live Captioning - In Windows 11, users can enable systemwide live captions for videos and online meetings in real-time. The feature supports English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Danish. 
  • Quick access to VPN and Bluetooth - The quick settings menu shows a list of Bluetooth devices and VPN connectivity right from the taskbar. On updated Windows 11 Pro devices, pairing devices and connecting to a VPN are easy. Users can also mute audio directly from the taskbar in Windows 11.
  • Snap groups with seamless redocking - Windows remembers the layouts of individual apps and snap groups, so when you plug into a different display your apps will still be in place where you left them.
  • Snap layouts - Expands snap capabilities with a choice of pre-configured layouts that intelligently adjust to the dimensions of your screen. Snap layouts work with a click or touch.
  • Effortless navigation - Simplify workflows with effortless navigation and enhancements to familiar features that include personalized File Explorer with tabs, Start menu app folders, and a centered Taskbar.
  • Focus - Windows 11 expands focus functionality with more options, including the ability to create focus sessions and manage them from your taskbar.
  • Microsoft Phone Link - Microsoft Phone Link syncs your phone to your PC. With Android™ phones, users can access photos, messaging, calls, contacts, notifications, and more. Phone Link also works with iPhone® for messaging, calling, contacts, and notifications. 
  • Narrator - Narrator turns text into spoken word. Windows 11 builds on this existing feature to make more versatile and pleasurable to use. 
  • Video conferencing with AI - On supporting devices, Windows Studio Effects offers AI-enhanced features like automatic framing that adapts to your movement, improved background blur, and natural eye contact. 
  • Voice typing - With systemwide voice typing, you can use your voice to enter text in any text box. 
  • Improve security with modern devices - Improve workflow, simplify IT management, and keep your business safe with new, modern hardware powered by the most secure Windows yet.
  • Advanced Management  - Support from installation to integration and everything in between

Windows 11 also boasts a redesigned Microsoft store, digital pen, rounded corners on apps, live titles, facial recognition, and improved screen outlook.

***The Windows 11 Pro features and apps availability may vary by region.

What is in Windows 11 that is not in Windows 10?

While Windows 11 improves on Windows 10, some features are completely new in Windows 11 but missing in Windows 10. Not just the start menu and taskbar but more.

Here are the biggest differences:

1. Smart recommendations in File Explorer & Start Menu

Find the files you’re looking for faster with smart recommendations in your Start menu and File Explorer. You can also mark your favorite files and use File Explorer tabs, only on Windows 11, to keep your files organized and separate.

2. Passkeys integrated with Windows Hello

Passkeys are the cross-platform future of secure sign-in management. Windows 11 users can replace passwords with passkeys for their websites and apps if offered by the website or application. Instead of using a username and password to sign-in to a website or app you will use a username and passkey, The sign-in experience is made seamless using Windows Hello or your mobile phone. Users will be able to manage their passkeys in Windows Settings. Passkeys on Windows 11 devices will work on multiple browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

3. Wake on approach.; Lock on leave and Controller bar

Windows 11 can automatically wake up when you approach your device and lock when you leave it.

The Windows 11 Control bar helps you easily jump back into the game you last played or into a new one.

4. Smart App Control

Smart App Control provides a layer of security by permitting the installation of only apps with good reputations on your Windows 11 PC.

5. Seamless redocking

When you connect your PC to an external display or monitor, Windows 11 remembers how you like things arranged when you leave, return, and reconnect. This feature is new and exclusive to Windows 11.

6. Live captions

With live captions on Windows 11, speech–like that through a Teams call–can be instantly transcribed into captions.

7. Windows Studio Effects

Windows Studio Effects elevate your video calls. You can eliminate distracting sights and sounds, stay in focus with automatic framing, and maintain eye contact even if you’re reading from notes.

8. Auto HDR and Optimizations for windowed games

Auto HDR increases the range of colors both new and old games can produce. Available only on Windows 11, this new calibration app increases control of color.

Optimizations for windowed games reduce latency and increase framerates on 2,000+ DirectX 11 and later games, and enable you to play windowed games at higher framerates and use features like Auto HDR.

9. Cross Adapter Scan Out (CASO)

This feature is not so much used. CASO can reduce latency and increase frame rates on gaming laptops (with integrated and discrete GPUs) for 2000+ Directx11 and later games.

10. Dynamic Lighting

If you have RGB LEDs in your mouse, keyboard, or tower, coordinate their colors with the Dynamic Lighting menu in Settings. Once linked, game and app integrations seamlessly react to music or what happens in-game.

Windows 11 Pro Minimum Windows 11 Pro system requirements

Windows 11 Pro is designed for security and performance across various devices and configurations. Here are the minimum system requirements that support that design idea:

Hardware Requirements for PCs

Windows 11 Pro requires specialized hardware, including:

  • fingerprint reader
  • illuminated IR sensor or other biometric sensors
  • capable devices.

Windows 11 is hardware-dependent, and battery life varies based on settings, usage, device and other factors.

Software Requirements ad System Resources:

  • Processor: 1 GB or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor.
  • Memory: 4 GB.
  • Storage: 64 GB or larger storage device.
  • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable.
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0.
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX12 or later.
  • Display resolution: High-definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally.
  • Microsoft Account

What Next?

Buy Windows 11 Pro at SoftwareKeep. After three years of release, improvements, and design, Windows 11 is now stable and offers the best-performance operating system.

As long as your PC meets the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11, this is the best OS for your productivity.

And it's not just the new UI, best OS, android apps, virtual desktops, digital pen, great features, Microsoft Store, Teams, new start menu, redesigned taskbar, etc., that are getting the attention on Windows. Gamers are also having the time of their lives on Windows 11.

Get Windows 11 Pro here

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