Microsoft Office 2019 Vs. Office 365 Comparison and Insights

Microsoft Office 2019, targeting Windows and MacOS users, features great improvements over Office 365. Here's a quick comparison of Office 2019 vs 365.
Microsoft Office 2019 Vs. Office 365 Comparison and Insights

Office 2019 features classic versions of OutlookPowerPoint, Excel, and Word. The Windows version also comes with Visio 2019Project 2019, Access 2019, and Publisher 2019. Though Office 2019 apps don’t receive feature updates, they receive regular stability and security updates. Office 2019 suits volume-licensed customers who are looking for the latest Office applications for hybrid or on-premises deployment.

Microsoft Office 2019 Vs. Office 365 Which one Should you Buy?

The Word desktop app on Office 2019 features accessibility improvements, improved inking functionality, text-to-speech tool, learning tools, and a black theme. The new Excel comes with PowerQuery enhancements, PowerPivot enhancements, the ability to publish Excel to PowerBI, new Excel functions and connectors, and 2D maps. These features help you perform better data analysis.

More Powerful Excel Features

Excel 2019 boasts of more powerful features, including 2D maps, new formulas, and new charts. You can also publish Microsoft's business analytics service from this app, Power BI. Excel 2019 features enhancements for the PowerQuery and PowerPivot services.

Powerful Excel Features

Interactive Charts on Access 2019

You can add a chart to your report or form on Access 2019 to visualize and analyze data. The supported charts include combo, pie, bar, line, and column charts. The steps for creating a chart on Access 2019 include: 

  • Click the Create tab and then choose either Report Design or Form Design to create/open a report or form 
  • Choose Insert Chart from the Select Design drop-down menu 
  • Drop the chart on your form or report once you choose a chart type

Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Features

PowerPoint 2019 reflects Microsoft's goal to make PowerPoint a useful presentation tool. Advanced features on PowerPoint 2019 include Morph and Zoom, for a dynamic presentation. These features are only available in Office 356 ProPlus instead of Office 2016.

You can find what you’re looking for on PowerPoint 2019 using Zoom. The “Zoom” tool can take you from one slide to the other, in your preferred order. Use it to revisit or skip slides without any interruptions on your presentation flow.

Advanced PowerPoint

Simplified Email Management

Email management has become easier on Outlook 2019, which has features such as Focused Inbox. Other new Outlook features include @mentions, travel package cards, and updated contact cards. You can use them to prioritize your mail and sort out your contact lists.

“Translate” on PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Word 2019

Translate helps break the language barrier when working with a document written in a different language. The feature is available on both Windows and macOS devices with Office 2019 installed. You’ll need a Translator for Outlook add-in to use the tool on Outlook 2019.

Support for LaTex Equation

Word 2019 allows for linear format equations using LaTex and Unicode math. Math Autocorrect on Word 2019 lets you insert various equation symbols in a non-math region. Combining math autocorrect codes and keywords can also help you create math equations.

Improved Inking Capabilities

Office users with Microsoft Surface devices can make use of the new inking features on Office 2019. They include tilt effects for adjusting the thickness of the ink and pressure sensitivity. Others include a roaming pencil case to hold your digital pen and highlighters.

Your digital pen can act as a slide-show clicker on PowerPoint 2019. You can also control it wirelessly 30 feet away from the computer. Your digital pen (Wacom Bamboo Ink or Surface Pen 4) should support Bluetooth for this functionality.

PowerPoint 2019 for Android makes it easier to convert drawings into shapes. You can choose from the various tools included in the Draw tab. The app lets you draw with your finger or a mouse and have the ink converted into a resembling shape.

OneNote for Windows 10 replaces OneNote 2016 to give users the OneNote experience on Windows PCs with Office 2019 and Office 365. Microsoft didn’t make any changes to OneNote for Mac users. They can still download it for free from the Apple App Store. Microsoft unveiled the consumer versions of cheap Office 2019 on 2nd October 2018.

Features of Microsoft Office 365

As a predecessor of Office 2019, Office 365 targets individuals who is looking to pursue their passions and grow their businesses. The Office Suite includes desktop applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You can use its cloud-powered email to expand your audience reach. Microsoft Teams found in Office 365 offers a new teamwork platform for chatting, organizing meetings, and sharing files.

Office 365 gives you one terabyte of online storage through OneDrive. You can even use Business Apps to run your enterprise and manage referrals, invoicing, and customer scheduling. All Office 365 apps come with a 99.9 percent uptime, service, and financially backed guarantee.

Chat in Office Productivity Apps

New chat features such as Skype in-app integration allow you to chat with colleagues. You can also have video or audio conversations as you wish without exiting the app. The Skype in-app integration is available on both phones or desktops with Office 365 installed.

Real-time Coauthoring

Collaborating with colleagues on documents was never easy until this feature arrived. You can save a file to SharePoint or OneDrive to allow others to access or edit it. The integrated sidebar on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel also allows you to share it directly from the app.

Real-time Coauthoring

Creating Outlook Calendar Events from OneNote items

You can convert notes in OneNote to tasks in your Outlook calendar. These tasks can have deadlines and reminders to keep you in check. OneNote makes it easier to send minutes from a meeting by mail.

Generating Links of Stored Files

Outlook on Office 365 is eliminating the need to insert and send an email attachment. You can upload your document to the cloud and insert its storage link in an email. Outlook will immediately grant the email's recipients permission to view the document.

Turn Excel Data into a Map

Excel features Power Map, which comes enhanced with Power BI functionality. With this feature, you can analyze, visualize, and share Excel data insights. You can even convert rows of Excel data into 3D maps.

“Resume Reading” on Word

You won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out the last page of a document you were reading. “Resume Reading” automatically bookmarks this page for you to start from where you were. The tool works across all devices that have Office 365 installed.

Converting and Editing to PDF

The “Save as PDF” is an integrated feature in Office 365 productivity apps. With this tool, you can convert a publication, presentation, or spreadsheet to a PDF. You can even convert the PDF to a Word document to edit it.

50GB Email Storage

Office 365 users get 50GB worth of email storage with Exchange Online. The storage space can accommodate your email attachments, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar, inbox, outbox, and drafts. OneDrive cloud storage also gives you more email storage space.

Work Anywhere from Any Device

An Office 365 subscription comes with access to Office Web Apps for working in the cloud. You won't have to install the Office program on your machine. Apps, including OneDrive, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, are accessible from a web browser.

Office 365 Planner for Organizing a Team’s Workflow

You and your team can use Office 365 Planner to plan your workflows and enhance collaboration. As a project management tool, Office 365 Planner helps create, organize, and assign tasks. You can also share documents, set deadlines, and offer your team status updates with this tool

Getting Started with Office 365

Microsoft allows you to enjoy a 30-day free trial of Office 365. You’ll need to purchase a license from the company to enjoy the commercial version of Office 365. The software has step-by-step installation procedures. You’ll provide Microsoft with the domain name of your organization and add user accounts as you wish. 

Office 2019 and Office 365 Comparison Table


Office 2019

Office 365


One-time purchase

Monthly or yearly subscription fees

Office Applications

Access to Office 2019 apps such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel

Access to the latest version of Office apps like Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. You’ll be getting the latest features, bug fixes, new tools, and security updates. PC users also get Publisher and Access.

Install Office on multiple computers

One-time purchases only apply to a single Mac or PC

Office 365 allows you to use its apps on all your devices (phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs) at the same time provided that you sign in to five of them at a time. 

Technical support

Microsoft only provides technical support when installing Office 2019

Microsoft offers billing, subscription, and technical support to Office 365 users at no extra cost.

Extra online storage

Not included

ITB OneDrive cloud storage per user (limited to 6 users).

Advanced features on phones and tablets

Basic editing features for phones or tablets under 10.1” using mobile apps.

Access to extra features when you sign in to Office 365 apps on your mobile device.

How Does Office 2019 Compare to Office 365?

Most of the features Microsoft incorporated in Office 2019 already exist in Office 365. There’s a lot of confusion regarding how these two products compare. So, what do you think is the difference between the two Office suites?

Microsoft Office 2019 is available to the users as a one-time purchase. If you buy this product, you won’t get any feature updates. Microsoft will still send you standard quality and security updates.

In contrast, Microsoft Office 365 comes as a subscription-based product. The Office suite comes powered by Microsoft cloud. You can also receive feature updates with new functionality and tools.

Office 365 and the Cloud

Microsoft put a lot of effort into powering Office 365 with the cloud. The company even included most of its cloud-powered inventions in this Office suite. Subscribing to Office 365 can guide you through the cloud.

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