Microsoft PowerPoint versus LibreOffice Impress-presentatie

Vergelijk Microsoft PowerPoint en LibreOffice Impress voor het maken van verbluffende presentaties. Ontdek welke het beste bij uw behoeften past.
PowerPoint vs LibreOffice Impress comparison

In this article, we'll dissect the strengths and unique features of both Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress, giving you the insights you need to choose the perfect tool for your presentations.

Delve into the showdown between Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress to uncover their respective capabilities and advantages.

With our expert analysis, you can trust that you get accurate and unbiased information to aid your decision-making process. Whether you're a professional presenter or a student working on assignments, we'll address the key factors influencing your choice.

Table of Contents

  1. About Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing
  3. Pros and Cons of Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. About LibreOffice
  5. What is LibreOffice Impress used for?
  6. Advantages and Drawbacks of LibreOffice
  7. Distinction Between Microsoft PowerPoint And LibreOffice
  8. Is LibreOffice Impress the same as PowerPoint?
  9. Is LibreOffice Impress compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint?
  10. Final Thoughts

About Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool that empowers professionals and businesses to create, edit, and share impactful slides. It's designed for both in-house and external communication, enabling effective collaboration and communication with team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative Creation: PowerPoint allows multiple users to work together on presentations, with administrators having the ability to track changes made by team members. This fosters efficient teamwork and ensures seamless content development.
  • Dynamic Visual Elements: Users can enhance their presentations by embedding animations, images, 3D objects, tables, shapes, icons, and more. This diverse range of elements adds visual appeal and engagement to your slides.
  • Customization and Design: Managers can leverage customizable themes and templates, tailoring presentations with transitions and designs that align with their branding or messaging.
  • Pricing and Support: Microsoft PowerPoint is available through various pricing options, including standalone purchase or as part of the Microsoft 365 Suite. Support is provided through email, knowledge base resources, FAQs, and online assistance.

Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing

  • Standalone Purchase: Starting at $109.99 for a one-time license.
  • Microsoft 365 Suite: Available for $139.99 for a one-time license or $6.99 monthly.
  • Free Trial: A 30-day trial allows users to explore its features before committing.
  • Softwarekeep: Microsoft PowerPoint can also be obtained through Softwarekeep, offering additional accessibility and convenience.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a comprehensive presentation solution that equips users with versatile tools for crafting compelling slideshows. It caters to various needs, from individual professionals to businesses, making communication visually impactful and engaging.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft PowerPoint


  • User-Friendly: Microsoft PowerPoint is incredibly easy to use, especially since it's part of the Office Suite package. It offers a variety of sleek templates that can be accessed online and directly through the software.
  • Seamless Integration: One of the standout features is how well it works across different devices. You can start a presentation on your computer, continue editing on your tablet, and finish on your phone without hassle.


  • Music Import Hassles: Importing your music can be a bit of a headache, particularly if the music isn't already on your computer. This aspect could use improvement to make the process smoother.
  • Monotonous Presentations: Some users find the experience of watching PowerPoint presentations dull and uninspiring. They believe that PowerPoint is often associated with mundane, unengaging content.

About LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a versatile document management platform catering to various business sizes. It empowers users to effortlessly create, edit, and save files like XLS spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, all securely stored in the cloud. 

No need to clutter your device with installations – access everything conveniently through a web browser.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Format Compatibility: LibreOffice's online application is your creative canvas, allowing seamless creation and editing of files in any format.
  2. Effortless File Management: Streamline your file operations with bookmarking, smart sorting (by size, type, name, and modification date), and a gamut of functions – creation, renaming, extraction, uploading, copying, moving, editing, and more.
  3. Insightful File Details: Get a clear overview of your files. Preview stored images and dive into specifics like size, name, location, and date.
  4. Integration Power: Forge connections with a range of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and various ODF text documents.

LibreOffice Pricing:

Cost: It's a wallet-friendly choice, offered completely free of charge.

Trial Version: No trials – the full-fledged version is available for use without any cost.

LibreOffice ensures that your document journey is seamless, from creation to sharing, all without digging into your budget.

What is LibreOffice Impress used for?

LibreOffice Impress is like a tool for making presentations. Think of it as making cool slides with pictures, words, and even animations.

It saves your work in a special format, and you can show your presentations to others. It's like showing off your work in a cool and organized way.

Advantages and Drawbacks of LibreOffice


  • Wide-ranging Compatibility: LibreOffice is a winner when it comes to supporting different file formats, making it incredibly portable and versatile.
  • Active Development: A major advantage lies in its rapid and ongoing development. This dynamic approach ensures continuous improvement and fresh features.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: The best part? It's completely free! Even advanced users can rely on LibreOffice to replace traditional office suites, and its open-source nature adds to its appeal.


  • Limited Features: One downside is the app's limited feature set. While it's powerful, some advanced functionalities might be lacking compared to other options.
  • Update Quirks: Users have reported occasional hiccups with updates, indicating room for smoother and more reliable update processes.
  • Support Woes: The absence of comprehensive technical support is another drawback. When encountering installation issues on a Windows 8.1 laptop, the user struggled to find assistance, leaving them frustrated and stranded.

Distinction Between Microsoft PowerPoint And LibreOffice

Certainly, the term PowerPoint has long been synonymous with presentations. However, LibreOffice also brings a lot to the table. Let's explore some key variations between Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress:

  • Impress vs. PowerPoint: While LibreOffice's Impress can deliver desired outcomes, Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software for creating presentations on both Windows and Mac systems.
  • Collaboration and Features: Impress falls short in collaborative group work and lacks animated diagrams. In contrast, Microsoft PowerPoint offers robust support for SmartArt diagrams, collaborative tools, broadcasting presentations online, and animated diagrams.
  • Audience Engagement: To captivate audiences, especially on Linux-based systems without Office support, LibreOffice Impress shines. It provides an array of tools to craft captivating presentations.

When creating presentations for personal use, LibreOffice is a logical choice, free and equipped with plenty of valuable features. It proves especially worthwhile due to its cost-free nature and availability across diverse operating systems—Windows, Mac, and Linux—making it a rare, high-quality Office suite accessible to many users.

Is LibreOffice Impress the same as PowerPoint?

No, LibreOffice Impress and PowerPoint are similar but different. They both help make presentations with slides, like for school or work. 

Impress is part of LibreOffice, like a group of free programs. Microsoft makes PowerPoint and is popular. Both do similar things but work differently and might look different too.

LibreOffice Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint share similarities as presentation software, but they also have distinct differences that set them apart:

  1. Purpose and Functionality:

Both LibreOffice Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint are designed to create presentations using slides, allowing you to convey information visually.

They provide tools to add text, images, charts, graphs, animations, and other multimedia elements to enhance your presentations.

  1. Software Environment:

LibreOffice Impress is a part of the LibreOffice suite, which is a free and open-source alternative to commercial office suites like Microsoft Office.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a standalone product within the Microsoft Office suite, which is widely used in businesses, educational institutions, and other settings.

  1. Interface and Features:

While both software offer similar features, the interface and design elements may differ. This can affect how you navigate, customize, and create presentations.

Advanced features and formatting options might have variations between the two programs.

  1. Compatibility:

Presentations created in LibreOffice Impress can be saved in various formats, including the Open Document Presentation (ODP) format. Other presentation software supporting the ODP format can open and edit these files.

Microsoft PowerPoint typically uses the PPT or PPTX format. While PowerPoint can open and edit some ODP files, there might be formatting or compatibility issues.

  1. Cost and Accessibility:

LibreOffice Impress is free and open-source software, making it accessible to users without licensing costs.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a commercial product, often requiring a purchase or subscription to Microsoft Office.

  1. Community and Development:

LibreOffice Impress benefits from the collaborative efforts of the open-source community, which contributes to its development and improvement.

Microsoft PowerPoint is developed by Microsoft and is supported by the company's resources and updates.

Is LibreOffice Impress compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint?

You can use LibreOffice Impress to open and work with PowerPoint files. But remember, you need to have Impress on your computer. 

Impress is like a buddy to PowerPoint. But, if you try to open slides with LibreOffice Writer, it won't work because Writer is for writing, not slides.

Compatibility and Interaction:

  • LibreOffice Impress is indeed compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint files, which have the extensions .ppt and .pptx. This means you can open PowerPoint presentations using LibreOffice Impress and make edits or create new presentations.
  • When you have a PowerPoint file (a presentation) that you want to work on using LibreOffice Impress, you can simply open the file in Impress, and it will allow you to view and modify the slides.

Software Interaction:

  • LibreOffice Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint can work together in the sense that you can exchange files between the two programs. You can create a presentation in Impress and save it in a format that PowerPoint can read, and vice versa.
  • However, it's important to understand that while Impress can open PowerPoint files, some formatting differences or features might not be perfectly preserved due to the different software platforms. Complex animations or custom features might not translate perfectly between the two.

Writer vs. Impress:

  • LibreOffice Writer and LibreOffice Impress are separate components of the LibreOffice suite.
  • Writer is a word processing application, designed for creating documents with text content.
  • Conversely, Impress is specifically tailored for creating presentations with slides, graphics, and multimedia elements.

Final Thoughts

In the showdown between Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress, both are heavyweight contenders in the realm of presentations. PowerPoint, a part of the widely recognized Microsoft Office suite, offers polished and feature-rich tools. 

It's a go-to for professionals seeking comprehensive functionalities and seamless compatibility. On the other hand, LibreOffice Impress stands as a compelling alternative with its open-source nature, affordability, and cross-platform support. 

It's a fantastic option for those exploring cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Ultimately, the choice hinges on your needs: PowerPoint for a robust package within the Microsoft ecosystem or Impress for a free, versatile tool that thrives across different operating systems.

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