7 MS Word Tips to Further Enhance Your Productivity ( Part 2 )

Microsoft Word is perhaps the most used and widely recognized Office product, as it is utilized in both professional fields as well as people's daily lives.
MS Word Tips

Microsoft Word is perhaps the most used and widely recognized Office product, as it is utilized in both professional fields as well as people's daily lives. This word processor application gives you a plethora of tools to work with, which only means that there are plenty of tips and tricks to speeding up your workflow with what is given to you in Word. Just like the application itself, these tips are easy to use, as Word is catered to all kinds of audiences, no matter if you are a beginner or have been using the software for years.

If you want to start using Microsoft Word more efficiently, take a look at these seven tips that will without a doubt help you in your writing. Even if you are only a student that needs to put together an essay or a businessman writing a project proposal, Word is the right software to get things done. Use our tips as a shortcut and enjoy Microsoft Word like it was intended to be. 

Saving is important

What good is it to write up a wonderful document if you can lose it at any time if your device suddenly runs into an error or spontaneously restarts because of an update? To avoid this, remind yourself that saving your document regularly is crucial. You can quickly save your document by pressing the Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard or pressing F12 to bring up the ‘Save as’ window. If you want to sit back and type away without having to worry one bit about saving, just turn on AutoSave from the File, Options, Save menu.


Want to make professional documents fast? Use templates to load up a pre-designed page which you can fully customize and give yourself a head start.

Correct your mistakes automatically

Are you tired of constantly having to stop and go back to a word you mistyped to correct it? You can simply just turn on AutoCorrect. This handy little tool should be familiar to smartphone users, but you can even find it in Microsoft Word. Simply turn it on and allow it to correct your mistakes as you go. Although it isn’t perfect, by using AutoCorrect, you can speed up your workflow tremendously.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts make it easier to perform various tasks within Word. There are tons of shortcuts you can utilize, and you might not even need most of them, however, there are some key shortcuts that you should keep in mind because they save a huge amount of time.

Remove formatting

If you happened to paste pre-formatted text or simply want to remove existing formatting altogether, you can use the Clear Formatting tool to get the job done. Simply highlight the text you want to remove the formatting from, and click the icon that has an eraser next to a letter A.

Smart Lookup

Leaving the application you work in can break your flow and slow you down. If you need to look up a word, simply highlight it and use Smart Lookup to search the web for finding things like a definition, pronunciation and even synonyms.

Tell Me What You Want to Do

Newer versions of Word are equipped with the ‘Tell Me’ bar which allows you to essentially perform a search within Word to find and perform actions quickly.