Looking to purchase Microsoft Office for Students? Now is the time!

When it comes to ease-of- use, you can’t beat Microsoft Office. Office for Home and Student offers simple-to- use but powerful programs for all of your desktop publishing projects.
Looking to purchase Microsoft Office for Students? Now is the time!

From the classroom to the dorm room, Microsoft Office is the industry standard when it comes to powerful publishing tools that every student needs. With essential applications like Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, schoolwork and projects will be easier for students of all grade levels.

When it comes to ease-of- use, you can’t beat Microsoft Office. Whether you are using a Windows or a Mac device, Office for Home and Student offers simple-to- use but powerful programs for all of your desktop publishing projects. With a new, modern look, time-saving features, and more collaboration tools than ever before, Office 2016 for Home and Student is the right choice for students of all ages, from grade school to college. With the integration of OneDrive, you can store your documents in the Cloud so they are easily accessible, wherever you may be.

Upgrades in Office 2016

If you have used the Office suite of products before, you may notice a few important upgrades in the 2016 version:

  • For Word users, the interface is mostly the same, but they have included a new Bing-powered feature called Smart Lookup (or Insights) which gives you the option to translate words or phrases, find synonyms, or view additional information on Wikipedia, all with a simple right-click.
  • Excel now features a “Tell Me” box that allows you to jump to commands by typing a simple phrase like “justify a group of cells,” cutting down on the time it used to take users to navigate through Excel’s various menus and sub-menus.
  • Each of the applications in Office 2016 features the ability for users to collaborate with others through a “Share” button in the top-right corner of each app. Students can efficiently work together in real-time on projects through Word and PowerPoint (as long as each collaborator has Office 2010 or later versions).

New Features in Office 2016

Two brand new additions to the suite of applications on Office 2016 for Home and Student are Delve and Sway. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new apps:

 Microsoft Delve icon Microsoft Sway icon
Delve Sway
A discovery tool that showcases recently and commonly-accessed documents, information about colleagues (including where they went to school and other profile information), and uses machine-learning to suggest content that may be of interest to you. A “digital storytelling” app that allows you to create presentations through content cards. Sway is intended for tutorials and interactive reports, and the presentations can easily be shared or embedded online.


Collaboration is the new focus

With its new focus on sharing and collaboration, Office 2016 for Home and Student provides every student with the tools they need to create dynamic presentations, reports and papers, and creative writing assignments that will help them stand out among their classmates. The integrated Tell Me apps help you quickly find what you are looking for, and the Bing-powered Smart Lookup puts the entire web at your fingertips for the content, information, and images that your reports and presentations require.

Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 is not just for schoolwork: Gamers love it too

Office is not just about schoolwork, however, and avid gamers will appreciate the touch-device flexibility that is included in Office 2016. You can use any touch-enabled device (not only your keyboard and mouse) to play games without having to purchase a new operating system. When your schoolwork is done, you can play your favorite games from the library, dorm room, or at home with ease!

Our review of Office 2016 for Home and Student

While the new collaborative features are perfect for students looking to work on reports and presentations with their friends and classmates, we are unsure if students will find the new apps, Sway and Delve useful for their daily activities.

The integration of the Bing-powered Smart Lookup will likely be handy for students when writing research papers for class, and the Tell Me feature will make using Excel much more accessible for users who are unfamiliar with all of the application’s functions. When using Word, real-time typing immediately shows you the edits that your collaborators are making to prevent overlaps or confusion.

If you are looking for better collaboration and increased team-productivity, Office 2016 is far superior to its predecessors 2010 and 2013.

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