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First Look at the All-New Start Menu in Windows 10

Calvince Nyawara

Windows 10 is an amazing operating system as it is, but there’s always room for improvement. Microsoft recognized this and introduced an all-new Start menu in the latest update to the OS.


A flaw many Windows 10 users are familiar with by now is lack of consistency. While the system looks modern and clean in design, there are plenty of things that look out of place and function inconveniently at times. The Start menu is one of the things, which will change in an update, expected to roll out sometime next year.


Changes to Live Tiles


New start menu in windows 10

The first thing you may notice on the screenshot above is the absence of Live Tiles. Microsoft introduced these tiles back in Windows 8. However, due to the outrage caused by the users of the system, they quickly realized that it wasn’t a hit.


In Windows 10, the tiles feature has been reduced to be a part of the standard Start menu but still didn’t gain much love. Users often want to know how to turn off the Live Tiles in the start menu, as it often slows down a computer and serves no significant purpose.


With the new update to the Start menu, expected to appear sometime next year in an upcoming Windows 10 update, this might change. As seen on the teaser images published on the Microsoft 365 Facebook page to celebrate Pride Month in 2020, we can see a number of changes to the Start menu.


For instance, the Live Tiles are seamlessly fading into the background, providing a fluent look across the entire computer. We can also see better support for system-wide light and dark mode, further extending the consistency in designs.


Tweaks to the Apps pane


new task pane


When you open your Start menu, you can see (almost) every application installed on your device listed on the left-hand side of the panel. Many users have sent feedback about this section to Microsoft, stating that it’s often confusing and hard to navigate. Luckily, in the upcoming overhaul of the Start menu, we’ll be seeing some much needed change here.


So far, what we can see from the teasers is a much more organized UI interface, giving users a better look at what’s on their PC. I personally love the idea of being able to scroll through my Start menu and seeing a cohesive list of my apps. Rogue and messy folders hiding .exe program files inside plague my current Start menu, and I could use the upgrade.


At the time of writing, there’s no set-in-stone release date for this update to the Start menu. However, we speculate that these changes — and perhaps much more — could be appearing in upcoming Windows Insider and preview builds.

 windows 10


How to update Windows 10 to get the new Start menu


Do you want to know how you can be the first to get your hands on the newest Windows 10 features? Read this step-by-step guide to learn how you can quickly update your operating system.


  1. Click on the Start menu or press the Windows key on your keyboard, then choose Settings. This application has an icon shaped like a gear.
    • Alternatively, use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut for quicker access to the Settings app.
  2. You should see a variety of tiles appear on the screen, all leading to different configuration centers for your device. Here, click on the Update & Security tile.
  3. Switch to the Windows Update tab using the left-side pane.
  4. Click on the Check for updates button. This feature requires you to have an active connection to the internet, so Windows 10 can detect any new versions available for you to download.
  5. If an update is found and you’re eligible for the download, click on the Install button. Now, you just need to wait for Windows 10 to download and apply the update, which may take an extended period of time.
    • Make sure that during the update you don’t end your connection to the internet, plug your device out, or manually turn off your device. All of these actions run a high risk of disrupting the update process and may lead to system corruption and data loss.
  6. Once your computer finishes updating, you should be on the latest version of Windows 10 currently available to you.


Get early access to Windows 10 updates


We all love exclusive content. Luckily, Microsoft is here to provide it to everyone interested in testing and seeing what’s next for their revolutionary system.


If you want to get access to early builds and test new features before they release in major public updates, join the Windows Insider program. You can join the millions of existing members by heading to the official Windows Insider website and clicking on the “Become an Insider” button.


Final thoughts


Microsoft is definitely making the right call with updating the Start menu, as it’s arguably the most vital part of your system. You see it every day, you use it every day, and you’ve been stuck with it for the past 5 years. That is if you hadn’t dipped your toes into custom themes for Windows 10 yet.


I’m excited to see where this update will take Windows 10 and how it’ll shape the future look and feel of the operating system. As the years roll by, some designs become obsolete and us day-to-day users are eager to see something new. Keep up with all the updates and news about Microsoft’s updates by returning to our website.


By the way, if you fell in love with the theme and wallpapers shown in the screenshots above, you can download it by heading to the Pride 2020 Flags theme and downloading it onto your computer. You won’t regret it.


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