Drawing in Microsoft Word is Easier Than You Thought

Embrace your artistic side with Microsoft Office 2016 word processing program, with a tab specifically for drawing, highlighting, and marking up documents.
Drawing in Microsoft Word is Easier Than You Thought

Embrace your artistic side with Microsoft Office 2016. The multi-functional word processing program has a tab specifically for drawing, highlighting, and marking up documents. If you’ve been wanting to express your inner Picasso, you’ll have fun exploring all the different tools available in Word.

Here is what you can do with the Draw tab in Office 2016:


Choose ink, shapes, and text areas with this option. This allows you to work on one area of a document without disturbing the rest of the file. You can specify where you want to go on the screen to place the object you’re drawing or the text you’re writing there.

Draw with Touch

You can use your finger to draw if you have a touch-enabled device such as a laptop or tablet. This gives you greater control over the surface because you’re not forced to use a mouse.

Draw with Tools

This option lets you choose different tools to draw with. Options include pens and highlighters in various widths and colors. You can differentiate between text and illustration areas through line weight and color.

Add New Tools

If you have more than one go-to tool that you want to use, you can add it to your workspace for easy access. You’ll see it in the tool window and then be able to select it when you need it.

Erase Areas of Work

If you’ve drawn something you’re not pleased with, you can easily erase it. The eraser tool is great for novices and experts because it allows you to refine your drawings to make them as professional as possible.

Convert Drawings to Shapes

You can choose this option if you want to draw a shape and have it appear perfectly. For precise examples, this option is a valuable resource.

Think about all the times you wanted to illustrate a point visually but couldn’t find the right way to do it. Now, you can with Word 2016. Just choose the drawing instrument of your choice and get to work making lines.

It’s as easy as that. You can use your finger if you have a touchscreen-enabled device or your mouse. If you make a mistake, erase it, and start over again. You’re in control, meaning you have complete creative license over your creation.

New Ink Choices on the Horizon for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The latest preview offered to Microsoft Office Insiders with Windows PCs gave users more ink options. In addition to gold and silver, Insiders could choose rainbow, galaxy, lava, and ocean. Imagine the possibilities these new inks bring to your documents.

Convey a feeling with word art in these colors. You’ll have no problem impressing others with your files. If you’re not an Office Insider, you’ll have to wait until the new option is released to the general public.

Find the Version of Office That Works Best for You

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