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5 Tips to Make a Better-Converting Landing Page

Your landing page is usually the first thing a potential customer will see when stumbling upon your product. This is your chance to make a sale — don’t waste it. In this article, we’ll be sharing some key tips to create a landing page with a high conversion rate for your product in any market.
Tips to Make a Better-Converting Landing Page

It’s estimated that on average a regular, non-optimized landing page converts about 1% to 3% of people who click on your website. However, companies who implement our tips below usually exceed the conversion rate to the double digits.

Tips to Make a Better-Converting Landing Page

Although launching, testing, and seeing what works for the market you’re competing in is always going to be the best way of improving your landing page, you can do a lot before putting your product on the internet. We’ll be sharing some of our tips to put together a better-converting landing page and increase your chances of success.

1. Understand your own goals

Knowing what the goal of your own campaign is could drastically improve your conversion rate. Generally, it’s much better to keep your landing page focused on one product, service, or goal at a time. Even if you offer multiple things, you should reserve your landing page for the product you want the highest conversion rate for.

Decide on the sole purpose of your landing page before you begin designing it. Ensure that your users aren’t overwhelmed with offers.
Apple Landing Page

You can observe this practice in marketing beasts such as Apple. When landing on the Apple.com website, you’ll always be greeted with only the newest product or service. You know that there’s more, but the latest, most important product will grab your attention. This is a great example of how to grab the attention of your customers.

2. Write catchy, straightforward headlines

More often than not, the window of grabbing a visitor's attention is quite small. The first few seconds a new visitor spends on looking at your website are the most crucial, meaning that you need to convey your message quickly. The best way to do this is by optimizing your headlines. 
Use Catchy Straightfoward headlines

As you can see, websites like Pitch.com grab your attention with large, easily readable headers that accurately portray what they’re providing. In short, keep your headlines bold and straightforward to instantly grab a visitor’s attention.

3. Use images to illustrate features

The content on your page doesn’t stop at what words you display — images are just as important. Make sure to include high quality, interesting images that quickly show what you’re selling in a flattering way.
Use Images to illustrate features

If you’re selling a physical product, make sure your photos are professionally taken and appear in high quality. An example of this is the Mous store, which sells cases for different electronics such as smartphones and AirPods. The moment you land on their page, you see the high-quality products and feel hooked.

Other services have multiple options, depending on what you’re trying to sell. Try implementing vector graphics, illustrations, or high definition screenshots depending on your business’ image and products.

4. Add CTA elements on your page

Let us remind you: visitors love pressing buttons. Make sure to always have CTA (call to action) elements on your landing page to encourage engagement from potential customers. If a visitor has easy access to your service, they’re more likely to make a purchase.
Use a unique Call to Action message

The most popular CTA buttons contain text such as “Shop now” or “Read more” but you can always get a little more creative than that.

Neil Patel’s website is a great example of how to implement CTA successfully. It uses a vibrant color that contrasts the background to draw attention to a decently sized button that tells you exactly what you’ll get once you click on it. That’s really all you need to make a great CTA.

5. Optimize loading time

Believe it or not, the amount of time a potential customer has to wait for your website might impact your conversion rate. In our modern times, users like to get things done in an instant — if your site loads and slower than that, you might be in trouble. Luckily, there are many ways for you to optimize loading time with relative ease.
Optimize Loading time

Google’s PageSpeed Insights might be your safest bet when it comes to analyzing how quickly your page loads, and what you can do to improve this time. You can test for both mobile and desktop versions of your site, don’t forget to check them both and optimize your page!

Final thoughts

If you need any further help, don’t be afraid to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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