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How to Change Series Name in Excel

Usually, when you create a chart in Excel, it names the data series automatically. But there are some cases when you may want to change or rename the Excel Worksheet series.
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By default, the names of data series in Office apps are linked to the worksheet data that are used for the chart. If you make changes to that data, they’re automatically shown in the chart.
Change Series Name in Excel

The process of renaming or changing the series name should not be difficult as you will learn in this how to change series name in Excel article.

How to rename a data series in Excel 

If you want to give you data series in Excel a new name or change the values without changing the worksheet's data, here’s what to do:

  1. Open your Excel Sheet/chart that you want to rename
  2. Right-click the chart
  3. On the menu displayed, click Select Data.
    Change series name in Excel-Select data
  4. Locate the Select Data Source dialog box, then navigate to under Legend Entries (Series)
  5. In the Legend Entries, select the data series you want to rename, and click Edit.
    Change Series Name in Excel-Legend Entries
  6. In the Edit Series dialog box, clear series name, type the new series name in the same box, and click the OK.
    change series name in Excel -clear series name
    • The name you typed (new name) appears in the chart legend, but won't be added to the Excel worksheet.
    • Note: you can link the series name to a cell if you clear the original series name and select the specified cell, and then click the OK.
      change series name in Excel
  7. Return to the Select Data Series dialog box, and click the OK button to save the changes. This will change the name of the specified data series.
    change series name in Excel

How to Change Series Value in Excel 

To change the data range for the data series, you will follow the same process, except instead of changing the Series Name, you’ll change the Series Values in the Edit Series dialogue box.

  1. Locate the Series values box
  2. Type the data range for the data series or enter the values you want.
  3. Click Ok

Note: again, the values you type will appear in the chart, but won't be added to the worksheet.

Wrapping Up 

In this guide to changing Series Name in Excel, we’ve discussed how to change series names in Excel and how to change seres value in Excel. We believe it has been an insightful learning opportunity. 

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