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How to Restore deleted files

Have you accidentally created an unnecessary file that’s taking up space in your device and you wish to get rid of it? Or perhaps you accidentally got rid of an important file and you wish to retrieve it? You will find the solution to both of these problems in this guide.

How to Delete Files on Your PC

If you are in this section, it is likely you either:

  1. Have too much stuff on your device and wish to free up space.
  2. Don’t wish to have a certain file anymore. 

Regardless of the reason you wish to delete a file, these steps will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to properly delete said files. 

  1. Click on the file, or files, that you wish to get rid of. 
  2. Click Delete. When you click on Delete, the file is moved to the recycling bin where you are still able to retrieve the file if you do happen to change your mind about removing the file. 

 How to Restore Files 

How to restore deleted files on your PC

You are probably at this section of the article because you accidentally got rid of something important. No need to worry about that cherished file that you got careless with, these steps will bring it back to you right away. 

  1. Click on your device’s Recycle bin. 
  2. To retrieve all files, click on Restore All Items. This reverses the Delete process of every file you have ever deleted. 
  3. If you only wish to retrieve one or two files, then you can just select the files you desire and click on Restore. The file will be back as if you never got rid of it. 

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