How to Create a Contact Group in Microsoft Outlook

Save time and effort by emailing your contact list all at once. This guide highlights how to create a contact group in outlook. Learn more here.

How to Create a Contact Group in Microsoft Outlook

By creating a contact group on Microsoft Outlook, you can share one email with a large group instead of sending several individual emails. Contact Groups can be helpful in improving communication when working on group projects or planning events.

How to create a contact group in outlook

How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook

  • Go to the navigation bar and choose People
  • Click Home > New Contact Group
  • Enter the name of your group in the Contact Group box
  • Choose Contact Group > Add Members
  • Select one of the following options:

Creating a contact group in outlook 2013

  • Choose New Email Contact
  • Choose from Address Book
  • Choose from Outlook Contacts 
  • Add people from the contact list you selected
  • Click OK
  • Choose Save and Close,

How to Send an Email to a Contact Group

  • Click Home > New Email
  • Select the option To
  • Type the name of the contact group you wish to email in the Search box
  • Add the name you entered into the To box by double-clicking
  • Select OK

How to Add People to a Contact Group:

  • On the toolbar, choose People to view your contacts
  • Select Contacts under My Contacts
  • Find the contact group that you want to add members to and double click
  • Select Add Members
  • Choose the contact list you want to add members from
  • Type the name of specific members in the Search box
  • Double click the name to add it to the group
  • Press OK
  • Click Contact Group
  • Save and Close

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