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Microsoft Software Microsoft Excel 2019 for PC
Microsoft Excel 2019 for PC
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1 PC/1 Person Turn your data into useful insights Compatible with Windows 11 & Windows 10 24/7/365 lifetime support What is Microsoft Excel 2019? If you're looking for an application to create automated, professional spreadsheets, Excel is the perfect solution. The newest, 2019 release enables users to manage data, finances, and other aspects of either work or home life. Excel 2019's similarity to old fashioned paper spreadsheets makes it an easy-to-use software even for those who aren't experienced with computers. It's become evident that spreadsheets made with pen and paper no longer provide for the needs of businesses and most home users. Excel gives people the ability to automate spreadsheets with native formulas, perform complex calculations, and visualize the data for further analytics. You can't say no to such a good deal - say goodbye to a messy, time-consuming spreadsheets, and take advantage of digital convenience. The project document of Excel is known as a “workbook”. Within a workbook, you can create multiple spreadsheets, also known as “worksheets”. You can have different spreadsheets stored in one document. This proves useful when you’re working on a large project. For example, if you need to keep track of customers, finances and materials all at the same time, you can create multiple spreadsheets in one document to make navigating and calculating easier. This reduces the clutter in your files without having to sacrifice accessibility. Why should I buy Microsoft Excel 2019 for PC? Excel 2019 from Microsoft has been updated to bring never-before-seen enhancements and innovative features to its new and old users. The updated functions and charts, improved accessibility, and enhanced sharing capabilities allow for a better experience for any user. These updates make the new Excel perfect for anyone in the business or academic world who is looking to create a spreadsheet of any kind with the least amount of resistance. If you’re in need of an application to either help with your finances or boost your business management, Excel 2019 is the perfect candidate. It offers numerous features that are bound to make your life easier. You may carry out almost all distinctive forms of calculations and equations. You can insert diverse graphs and charts to visualize your statistics. On top of it all, you have access to a massive library of native functions that make it viable and fast for you to get things accomplished.  When using Excel, you’ll never have to calculate everything yourself and constantly keep your spreadsheets updated as data gets added, removed or changed. With Excel’s many native functions, you can automate just about every part of your spreadsheet. Put more time and energy into other things while Excel takes care of the complex calculations and keeps your spreadsheet up-to-date with your recent data changes. Besides calculations and finances, Excel is incredibly useful for graphing and charting data to help you identify data trends, formatting, or sorting and analyzing data. This makes for a perfect application even for a home user, but still provides great capabilities for businesses.  “Welcome to Excel” tour Microsoft now provides beginners with a Welcome to Excel tour upon launching the application. This tour is always available from the File menu, allowing you to return to it whenever you need a refresher of some of the new features found in Excel 2019. This tour is especially useful if you’ve just started using newer generations of Microsoft Office. The tour includes detailed instructions on how to use features such as Flash Fill and Quick Analysis, and even introduces you to the creation of charts. Additionally, with Excel’s new version, Microsoft has aimed at putting the users in control of the work they’re doing. As a result of this decision, the new display and layout of the program are easy to read, navigate, and use. New and improved functions It's impossible to think of a new Excel release without new functions. Excel 2019  received new, beneficial functions that help you accelerate your work speed and make your experience with the software more pleasant. In total, six new functions have been added to Excel in the 2019 release, however, some of these are only improvements to previously existing functions. These new functions boost productiveness and make it less difficult and time-consuming to get work done within Excel. Functions make your work faster, even if you're managing large databases that would otherwise require a lot of time and expert attention. The new functions include the following: CONCAT: This new function is like the already existing CONCATENATE, but better. To begin with, it is shorter and less difficult to write. Mainly, it supports cell references, as well as range references. IFS: This new function acts as a test to confirm that one or more conditions are met. If so, it returns a value that directly corresponds to the initial true condition. As well, the new IFS function takes the place of many nested IF statements, making it a lot easier to read multiple conditions. MAXIFS: This new function produces the maximum value among a number of specific cells. MINIFS: Similar to the MAXIFS function, this one produces the minimum value among a number of specific cells. SWITCH: This new function takes an individual value and puts it against a list of other values, producing the first corresponding match in that list. TEXTJOIN: This new function allows users to combine text from a range of multiple cells, separating them by delimiters that you set. Use new charts to visualize data Another great addition with the new version of Excel is the ability to insert new chart models directly onto spreadsheets. Two entirely new charts come with Excel 2019, under the names Map charts and Funnel charts.The Map chart is very self-explanatory, you are able to create a chart that displays categories and volumes all through geographical places. This includes international locations, states, counties or even postal codes. The Funnel chart indicates values as the duration of your data progresses. Due to the fact that the values become lower or higher as time passes, the bars of your statistics start to resemble a funnel, which explains the name of this chart type. Digital ink improvements Many Office applications have seen improvements to digital inking. A new, fully customizable set of digital pens, pencils, and highlighters help you draw out your ideas or highlight parts of your projects. There’s an Excel-specific feature known as Ink Equation, which allows you to use handwritten math equations and have them implemented in your workbook. Apply visual effects to your ink and make it either stand out more or make it subtle. Convert your ink drawings into shapes and use an on-hand feature called Ink Replay to rewind and play how your inking was made. This allows you to share the flow and process of inking with others. Templates Whenever you make a new document, you have the ability to pick from an extensive library of pre-built and installed templates in Excel. This doesn’t strip you from the ability to create an ordinary blank worksheet to get the job done from scratch, but can certainly help to give yourself a headstart.Templates cover a broad variety of topics and offer unique designs and solutions to help you get started on a project much faster. Categories include finance templates, templates for tracking tasks or even planning events. You might even find templates with readily available charts and other elements. More accessible than ever before Excel 2019 introduces a feature to locate accessibility problems within your file. The Accessibility Checker allows you to overview suggestions pointers and enforce them into your document in a single click. It proposes adjustments with the goal of making sure that your work is without difficulty readable and editable for those who may have a hard time perceiving it without additional aid. Even if someone has disabilities that hinder with their ability to form a complete appreciation of your work, applying the suggested changes can help them in perceiving your document. Easier, versatile sharing options A feature called Shared with Me lets you access every OneDrive file that has been sent to you, without the need to find the actual email message it was attached with.  A highly requested new feature is saving to recent folders, which once accessed, opens up a list of your recently used folders where you can quickly save your document to. In your shared workbooks, you can review and even restore the changes other people have made to the file, allowing you to easily correct or retrieve parts that have been modified. General improvements With the new version of Excel, Microsoft has managed to fix some of the small nuances that customers regularly complained about. This includes better autocomplete, customizable themes, improved translating services, and better recovery methods for retrieving lost data. Additionally, you can enjoy an integrated experience with other Microsoft Office suite applications. Excel works flawlessly with products in the Office family, meaning that you can always export or import data with ease. You can use data from Excel in a PowerPoint presentation, or import a chart from Excel into Word to illustrate statistics better. This is a one of a kind experience, as no competing product family is able to pull off the level of integration Microsoft Office provides. Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 2-core. 2.0 GHz or greater recommended for Skype for Business. RAM: 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit) Hard disk: 4.0 GB of available disk space Display: 1280 x 768 screen resolution Graphics: DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update). Skype for Business requires DirectX 9 or later, 128 MB graphics memory, and 32 bits per pixel capable format. OS: Windows 10 or newer, Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Software Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac
$89.99 USD
1 Mac/1 Person Turn your data into useful insights Compatible with 3 latest macOS versions 24/7/365 lifetime support What is Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac? At its core, Microsoft Excel is an application used to create and manage spreadsheets. The premise is simple, but Excel goes far beyond just entering numbers and labels into a grid system. Its capabilities will surely support both home users and business companies. The ability to perform hundreds of complex calculations automates large parts of your work. All you have to do is apply Excel’s native formulas to parts of your spreadsheet. Calculations will happen and adjust in real time as you work, sparing you not only time but effort as well. You can use unique visuals such as charts, graphs, and pivot tables to visualize data. You can also insert icons, SmartArt and much more to peak a little more interest in your audience. Your data should always be understandable even to a third-party viewer. Excel's visualization elements are most useful when you’re presenting something or need a quick overview. Because of its large roaster of critical, yet easy-to-use capacities, Excel has turned out to be one of the most outstanding and widely used spreadsheeting programs in history. Over the years, Excel has become available on several platforms. It is now an industry standard application when it comes to the creation and management of spreadsheets. All thanks to Excel’s large user base, Microsoft now releases each new installment on Mac operating systems. Say goodbye to having to resort to alternatives or installing a Windows system on your Mac. You can enjoy Excel 2019 on your Mac computer without the hassle. This change is possible because of Microsoft sharing application code on different platforms. Fun fact; most Office suite applications are all available on smartphones as well. You can enjoy the benefits of Excel on iOS and Android even while you're away from home or work. Take advantage of being able to work on many different devices, even on the go. Why buy Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac? Automated spreadsheet applications (such as Excel) were first developed similar to paper spreadsheets used for accounting. The fundamental format of computerized spreadsheets is still based on the old paper version. This hasn’t changed over the years, meaning that Excel remains easy to use and understand. The project document of Excel is actually known as a workbook. Within a workbook, you can create many spreadsheets, also known as worksheets in Excel. You can have all of these different spreadsheets stored in one document. For example, this is useful when you’re working on a large project. If you need to keep track of customers, finances and materials, you can create multiple spreadsheets to make navigating and calculating easier. This reduces the clutter in your documents without having to sacrifice accessibility. Your data itself is saved inside Excel’s worksheets. Small, square boxes called cells make up these worksheets. Cells get sorted into labeled horizontal rows and vertical columns. Each row and column has a representing label - numbers and letters, - which makes navigating through even the largest database easier. These cells automatically adjust after you make a change, and you can mass-edit just about any part of a spreadsheet to speed up your work. Customize your cells by changing their colors, sizes and even the font of the text inside them. In the newest version of Excel, each worksheet can hold a million rows and more than 16000 columns. Keep in mind that while it's impressive, that isn’t the only improvement Microsoft made in Excel 2019. When it comes to the most popular spreadsheet application, millions of people expect great features with each release. This time, the features shown in previews were already exciting to the loyal user base. Now that the full software is available on Mac, you can take advantage of its greatest features. Touch bar support Excel and many other Office apps now completely support the touch bar built-in the modern era of MacBooks. The Touch bar allows you to perform functions by using the touch bar only, which is an efficient workaround for core features. You can copy, cut and paste text, pick text and cell colors, or even edit the text size by using the Mac Touch bar. Additionally, you can insert elements such as graphs and charts, then tweak them from the Touch bar. New, modern design Excel 2019 for Mac has received a complete design overhaul that makes the software live up to the expectations of modern-day application layouts. Especially on a Mac operating system, a clean and put together design is anticipated from any software. The new Excel layout looks and functions pleasantly; the smooth design offers you wonderful and enjoyable user experience. It supports the Retina display found in Mac monitors to the fullest extent, allowing Mac users to take advantage of the newly implemented full-screen display mode. Similarly to the original Windows version of Excel, the Ribbon can be entirely customized for your very own needs, making it less difficult to quickly access your most frequently used Excel tools and functions. Take advantage of new functions As we all know, there couldn't be a new Excel release without new functions implemented. As always, Microsoft delivered on this expectation by adding several new, helpful functions that speed up your work and make your life easier while using Excel for Mac 2019. While some of these functions are improved versions of what already existed within Excel previously, they still help you to speed up productivity and make using Excel even easier than before. Here are some of the most notable new functions in Excel 2019 for Mac: CONCAT function Similar to the already existing CONCATENATE function, but it's even better. This function is easier to type and utilize due to the shortened length, but that isn't the only improvement, as this function supports range references as well as cell references. It combines text from multiple ranges or strings, however, it's important to note that it doesn't provide delimiter or IgnoreEmpty arguments. IFS function Working with overly complicated IF functions is surely a hassle, which this new function aims to fix. Using IFS, you can test if one or more conditions are met in your data. The conditions you enter are tested in the order you specified, and if these conditions are met, the result will be returned. This makes it possible to use IFS instead of having to resort to utilizing more than one nested IF statement. SWITCH function This is a function used to evaluate one expression against a list of values while keeping the order of the list. It returns the very first matching result it finds, sparing you both time and energy. In case none of the values matches, an optional default value ("else") is given as the result. Add more visual interest Use new charts to display information Two new charts were introduced to Excel 2019 for Mac, namely the Map charts and Funnel charts. The Map chart is pretty self-explanatory, you can create a chart that shows categories and volumes throughout geographical areas like nations, states, counties and postal codes. The Funnel charts display values throughout more than one process stage. Because the values get lower or higher over time, the bars of your information begins to resemble a funnel, therefore the name. Digital inking support Microsoft made lots of improvements when it comes to digital inking in Office apps. You can take advantage of a new, fully customizable set of digital inking tools such as pens, pencils, and highlighters to enhance your files. You can draw on top of your spreadsheets, graphs, and even images to highlight parts of your project and breathe life into even the most mundane spreadsheet. There’s also a new Excel-specific feature known as Ink Equation, which allows you to put in written math equations by hand and have it added to your workbook. You can also apply effects for your inking to make it stand out more, or the opposite, is being more subtle. Once you’re done with the drawing, convert your ink drawings into shapes and use an on-hand Ink Replay feature to rewind and replay how your inking became its completed form. Share the flow and process of drawing with others and allow them to fully understand how it came to be. Insertable SVG icons Excel 2019 for Mac allows you to insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your workbooks. You have access to Microsoft's library of professionally created icons in over 25 different categories. You can even insert more than one icon at a time, speeding up the process. Once your icons are within your worksheet, can edit them by resizing, rotating, changing colors and visual effects. General features and improvements Customizable Ribbon Microsoft decided to extend the customization of the Ribbon in the new, 2019 release of Excel for Mac. You can now store your most used tools and functions in the Quick Access toolbar, and additionally, personalize the Ribbon itself too. You’re able to change default tabs, create custom tabs and custom groups to have all your frequently used commands in one place. Integrated translator The translator enables you to understand workbooks written in a foreign language without having to leave Excel. Just highlight the text you want to translate and select the tool - it’s that simple! You also have the option to translate whole files. When used, a copy of the translated document will open in another window, giving you the option to save both the original content and the translation. Use this translator to break the language barrier and work together with anyone, from any part of the world. Accessibility Checker Excel 2019 for Mac includes a feature to detect accessibility issues in your document and suggest changes in order to ensure that your work is easily readable and editable for everyone. With the Accessibility Checker, you can review these suggestions and implement them into your document in one click. The following are the minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Processor: Intel processor RAM: 4 GB RAM Hard disk: 10 GB of available disk space. HFS+ hard disk format (also known as macOS Extended or APFS) Display: 1280 x 800 screen resolution Graphics: No graphics requirements Mac OS: macOS 11 or newer. Excel 2019 for Mac is supported on the three most recent versions of macOS. When a new version of macOS is released, the Excel 2019 for Mac Operating System requirement becomes the then-current three most recent versions: the new version of macOS and the previous versions.