How To Create Meetings and Appointments in Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to create meetings and appointments in Outlook in 3 easy steps. These steps apply to Microsoft Outlook: 2010, 2013, and 2016.
How To Create Meetings and Appointments in Microsoft Outlook

With Microsoft Outlook, creating those ever-important events and appointments has never been more efficient. Outlook gives you the ease of use while having a relentless array of options.  Getting the hang of using a calendar is never easy, and the Outlook calendar is more difficult to master than your normal calendar. However, being good at the Outlook Calendar software will help you and your colleagues to coordinate and collaborate more efficiently.

On Outlook’s Calendar, click on the “New Appointment” or click Ctrl+N button under the “Home” tab. Once you’ve selected it, add some people on the “To…” line.

How to create meetings and appointments in outlook

Then you’ll want to add details such as your “Subject” and “Location” to the invitation. You could even check when everyone is free with Outlook’s “Scheduling Assistant”. Once you’re done with the details, book your appointment.

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