How To Filter and Search for Emails in Outlook

Find out how to filter and search emails in Outlook using a simple search field and filters in 5 easy steps. Click here to learn more.
How To Filter and Search for Emails in Outlook

No matter how well-organized your mailbox is, sometimes it's impossible to scroll through hundreds of emails just to find that one you need. If you need to quickly find an email, the best tool for the job is the search function. This function will allow you to accurately find the emails you need. The search function works well with both subjects and mail addresses. Here is how you can use your search function:

How to filter and search for emails
  1. First, select the search bar, which should be above the conversations list
  2. Next, type the subject, addresses, or phrases that are contained in the email you want to find. It should not take long for the system to find the file you need.

Even with the search bar, sometimes there are so many results that it would take a long time to look through the emails manually to find the one you need. Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook comes with a refined function that allows the system to automatically sort out results by criteria. Here is how you can use this function:

  1. Select the search bar again
  2. Either widen or narrow your search by selecting your search options: All Mailboxes, Current Mailbox, Current Folder, Subfolder, or All Outlook Items.
  3. Select the criteria which will help narrow your search in the Refine section. The categories can be summarized as below:
  • From: Narrow to emails from a specific person
  • Subject: Only results based on the subject are shown
  • Has attachments: Only results which have attachments are shown
  • Categorized: Only results that fall into a specific category are shown
  • This week: Narrow down results based on the time of receipt. There are also other criteria such as Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, or Last Year.
  • Sent to: Only shows messages that were either sent to you, not sent directly to you, or sent to another recipient
  • Unread: Only unread results are shown
  • Flagged: Only messages flagged by you are shown
  • Important: Only messages marked as important are shown
  • More: This will open up some more advanced criteria, such as Cc and sensitivity

    4. After you have selected the criteria, choose Recent Searches to run the search again. However, only the queries are saved, not the results.

    5. To close the search tab, click Close search With this refine function, you will have a much easier time finding your email.

You can find more here on how to filter and search emails in outlook.

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