How to Install Fonts to Word on Mac

Installing fonts on your Mac is easy and the web is a goldmine for both free and premium fonts. Here’s how to add fonts to word on Mac.

Fonts have long been one of the defining features of the Mac -- ever since it was first introduced. Moreover, while the Mac did come with a nice collection of fonts, it usually is not too long before you have begun installing new fonts to your Mac as soon as you could find them.

The web is a goldmine of free along with low-cost fonts for your Mac, and we strongly believe that you can never have too many fonts. You'd be surprised how challenging it can be to find the perfect; even if you have hundreds of fonts to choose from.

We have found that the more there is, the harder it is to make a choice.

You don't have to be a graphics pro designer to need or want an extensive collection of fonts. There are many beginner-friendly desktop publishing programs, and the more fonts along with clip art you have to choose from, the easier and the more fun you can have creating greeting cards, family newsletters, or whatever project you may be working on.

Installing Fonts to Word on Mac

how to install fonts to word on Mac

Both OS X and macOS can use fonts in various formats.

These include the:

  • Type 1 (PostScript)
  • TrueType (.ttf)
  • TrueType Collection (.ttc)
  • OpenType (.otf)
  • .dfont
  • Multiple Master (OS X 10.2 and later).

Often you'll see these fonts described as Windows fonts, but the truth is that there's an excellent chance these fonts will work just fine on your Mac; especially the fonts whose filenames end in the ".ttf" (which means they're TrueType Fonts).

Before you decide to install any fonts, you should be sure to quit all open applications. When you have decided to install the fonts, there will be active apps that won't be able to see the new font resources ONLY until they have been restarted. By closing all the open apps, you will be assured that any app you have just launched after installing the font will be able to use the new font.

How to Install Fonts Only for Your Account


how to add fonts to word on mac

If you want these new downloadable fonts only to be available to you, install them in your library folder at your username/Library/Fonts. Be sure to replace your username with your home folder's name.

You will also notice that your personal Library folder isn't be present. Both the macOS as well as the older OS X operating systems hide your own library folder.

How to Install Fonts for All Accounts to Use


preview font on mac

If you want your new fonts to be available to anyone else who may use your computer, drag them to the Library/Fonts folder, this Library folder is located on your Mac’s startup drive.

By double-clicking the startup drive icon on your desktop, you can have access to the Library folder. Once inside the Library folder, you can now drag your new fonts to the Fonts folder. You will need to supply an administrator password to make changes to the Fonts folder.

How to Install Fonts for All Network Users

If you want your new fonts to be available to anyone else who may use your computer, drag them to the Network/Library/Fonts folder.

Step 1: Installing Fonts With Font Book
Step 2: Screenshot of Font Book on macOS
Step 3: the Font Book is an application that comes with the Mac, and this app simplifies the process of managing your fonts. This includes installing, uninstalling, viewing, as well as organizing them.

One of the significant advantages of using Font Book to install a new font is that it will validate a font before installing it. This allows you to know if there will be any problems with the file or if there will be any conflicts with other fonts.

Previewing Fonts

Many applications will allow you to display previews of fonts in the Font menu section. The preview section is limited to the font's name, so you don't have to get to see all the available letters as well as the numbers.

All you have to do is launch the Font Book and then click the target font to select it. The default preview displays a font's letters as well as the numbers. You can also use the slider on the right side of the window to reduce or to enlarge the display size.

If you want to view the special characters, they are also available in a font, click the Preview menu and select Repertoire.

If you would like to use the custom phrase or group of characters each time you preview a font, then all you will need to do is click the Preview menu and select Custom. After that type the characters or phrase in the display window. You will be able to switch between Preview, Repertoire, and Custom views at will.

How to Uninstall Fonts on Mac

how to uninstall fonts

Uninstalling fonts can be as easy as installing them. All you need to do is open the folder(s) that contains the font, and then from there click and drag the font to the Trash.

You can also use the Font Book to remove a font you no longer desire to have. Launch the Font Book and click the target font to select it. From the File menu, choose Remove (name of the font).

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