How to Organize Your Email with Folders

Is your inbox growing out of control or you can’t separate the important emails from spam? If YES, learn how to organize your email into folders here. 

If your inbox is growing out of control or you can’t separate the important emails from spam, it’s time to organize your email into folders.  Outlook makes it simple and easy to corral your runaway inbox.

How to Begin

Go to the Home tab on the taskbar. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll notice a list of options. Scroll down to Folders. Under Folders, click Inbox. Another list of options will pop up. Scroll down to “New Folder.” Click on this option. A box will open under New Folder. Type in the name of your new folder in the box.

Putting Email in the New Folder

Once you’ve created a new folder, click on any email you want to move. If your new folder is titled, “Recipes,” click on any email you’d like to save in that folder. Left-click and hold on the email, then drag it over to the new folder.

The email should turn a different color so you’ll know you’ve grabbed it. When you’re over the new folder, drop an email. You can also use the shift key to grab multiple emails and drop them all into the new folder at the same time.

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