Increase Your Productivity at Work with Microsoft 365

Of all the places you need to be productive, work is among the most important. You can rely on Microsoft Office to improve your productivity at work.
Increase Your Productivity at Work with Microsoft 365

Increase Your Productivity with Microsoft 365

Of all the places you need to be productive, work is among the most important. Good news: You can rely on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to improve your productivity at work. How?

Let’s explain!

Other people rely on you to handle your responsibilities efficiently and expect you to put in a sincere effort and meet agreed-upon deadlines. Microsoft Office reduces the effort you need to put in and improves your efficiency on tasks.

This helps operations run smoothly.

Let’s see how Microsoft 365 and Office applications can help improve your productivity at work!

Why is Office 365 Worth Taking Attention?

Rule of thumb: Every modern workplace takes advantage of technology to improve employee productivity, increase work efficiency, and speed up business processes.

Getting more done in less time is the key to a high productivity level.

This is why a modernized workplace should provide:

  • Easy collaboration
  • Highly efficient education and training
  • Easy access to and compilation of documents
  • Automated calendar and other business processes
  • Digitalizing processes internally, as well as with customers, partners, suppliers, or any other third parties

To achieve these needs, companies need effective collaboration and communication. Microsoft 365 provides the right tools to do so.

Ways Microsoft 365 can boost your productivity at work

  • Microsoft Teams for keeping in touch with your teams, co-workers, customers, and boss. Teams also integrate nicely with the rest of Microsoft's products
  • Collaboration features in Outlook, Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Apps. This allows collaborative activities like co-authoring.
  • OneDrive to save and share your files with coworkers
  • Outlook to organize and share your emails, calendars
  • OneNote to take notes, save meeting minutes, save drawings, and more

Ways Microsoft 365 Improve Efficiency

Does Microsoft 365 increase your productivity?

Yes! Microsoft 365 is leading the workplace transformation. How?

Classic Microsoft apps

Microsoft 365 has a comprehensive suite of applications, which improves work collaboration and productivity.

Some of the notable, essential applications in doing business include the classic Office apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer, and Sway.

Streamlined workflow

Microsoft 365 has the capability to streamline the entire workflow process. It is a comprehensive Office Suite with Microsoft Office Applications well-integrated with each other. This makes it easy and possible for employees to work securely anytime, anywhere, across all devices.

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With Microsoft 365, it’s now possible to create documents on an office desktop, edit them on a laptop while on the go, preview using a smartphone, and present them to clients using a tablet.


The documents you create on Microsoft 365 are always available - on the go - enabling quick and convenient access to work whenever, wherever, on any device.


There are a lot of things you can do together with your colleagues to improve your workday’s productivity and efficiency.

The key to boosting productivity is the capability to easily and securely collaborate with colleagues and partners using Microsoft Teams, through chat, video calling, and apps into a shared workspace.

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams is a good way to keep in touch with your coworkers.

Teams (Microsoft Teams) have been especially popular due to the Coronavirus. And there's a good reason.

When the office isn't available, Teams help you reach your co-workers through chat, voice, and video calls. You can host meetings, add apps to boost productivity and keep the workflow moving.

In addition, Microsoft 365 offers real-time co-authoring capabilities to ensure that authorized users can work on a file simultaneously. At the same time, everyone is privy to the changes as they are working.

Simplified file organization and access

Microsoft 365 simplifies file organization and access in a team environment. Most businesses say that it’s the perfect place to post team and project-related news, updates, information, videos.

Generally, Microsoft 365 is suitable for both short-term project teams and long-term project teams. Why?

Team members can easily access files in one centralized storage without worrying about duplicate files or out-of-sync files. This ensures that everyone is in sync in terms, files are in an integrated environment, and always available.

This results in increased work productivity and efficiency.


It’s no trouble whatsoever to tame your email and calendar or access files through Outlook and OneDrive for Business. MS Outlook’s shortcuts, for example, help you save time.

Some of the most common Outlook commands include:

  • Reply to Email with Ctrl+R.
  • Reply to All in Email with Alt+R.
  • Forward Email with Alt+W.
  • Send/Receive All with Ctrl+M.
  • Send Email with Alt+S.
  • Open “Go to Date” Dialog with Ctrl+G.

Notifications on Outlook

Another helpful tip is to limit desktop notifications. This allows only the important emails to trigger an alert. You can keep your concentration on the task at hand rather than divide it between constantly checking email and typing a memo, filling out a spreadsheet, or putting together presentation show slides.

One of the most efficient time-saving tasks you can do in Outlook is creating a template and sending it out so that you don’t have to write the same email twice.

In order to do this, you’ll need to save the email by going to File then Save As the Outlook template. You can then access “User Templates in File System” to find the right template to use.


Microsoft 365 has a lot of value.

What we've given you here is just of the top productivity hacks that Microsoft 365 offers to boost your productivity. There are many other ways.

Feel free to check out our blog and help center section for more Microsoft 365 News and guides.

The Benefits of Switching Microsoft 365

Why switch to Microsoft 365?

Switching to Microsoft 365 can save you money. You get flexible package options, cloud solutions, and increased employee productivity and efficiency.

Some of the key benefits you can expect when you switch to Microsoft 365 are:

  • Scalability—billing by user, so you never pay for licenses you’re not using
  • Flexible Subscriptions—Billing monthly or yearly, offering packages with different levels of service
  • Admin panel—makes it easy for you to track usage, billing, and user administration
  • Updates and Security Patches included—and done automatically in the cloud.
  • Transparency—Because all your documents are shareable, networked, and available from anywhere.
  • Reduced Hardware investments—Cloud PC companies don’t have to worry about upgrading hardware to match operating system requirements. Nearly any computer will run Cloud PC without issue, allowing you to hold onto your hardware for up to 30 percent longer.
  • Improved Communications—multi-device access makes it easy to access your co-workers whenever it’s convenient.

Get Microsoft 365 Now

We, at SoftwareKeep, are happy to offer you Microsoft 365 subscription. You will get a comprehensive and powerful suite of productivity applications perfect for powering your business processes. You will also enjoy effective communication and collaboration tools vital in ensuring a highly productive work environment and well-managed business processes.


With Microsoft 365 you can do a lot. You can communicate, collaborate, co-author, and improve your efficiency. You can also get more done at the same time and arrange your business operations using Outlook and OneNote. There’s more to explore.

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Microsoft Office FAQ

Get Assistance from Software Keep or Microsoft’s Support Page


If you need assistance learning how to take advantage of the tools and features MS Office offers, you can consult the Software Keep Blog or Microsoft’s Support page. It has different training modules specifically pertaining to Office 365 and productivity.


Choose the Right Version of Microsoft Office to Meet Your Needs


Increase your efficiency and productivity at work with MS Office. Download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC. SoftwareKeep offers a number of different versions of Microsoft software to meet your professional needs. Give yourself a competitive edge by having tools on your computer and phone that help you achieve your goals at work faster and better than before.


Group Discounts Makes It Possible for All of Your Workplace to Use MS Office


You’ll find the version of Microsoft Office that you’re most comfortable using. Best of all, we offer group discounts meaning everyone in your workplace can benefit from using the software suite. This lets you work better together as a team because every employee is given the same software, programs, features, tools, and apps to use to get the job done quickly and satisfactorily.

Buy MS Office and have access to it within minutes because digitally downloading it takes no time at all once you’ve received email instructions on how to do it.


Have you Tried Truly Office to Increase your Productivity?

Truly Office

Alternatively, consider Truly Office if you're looking for a comprehensive solution to boost your work productivity. Truly Office offers a suite of productivity tools, including word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation software, all designed to streamline your work processes.


With features like collaborative editing, cloud storage, and an intuitive user interface, Truly Office empowers you to work smarter, not harder, making it an invaluable asset for enhancing efficiency and achieving your professional goals.


The Suite has everything you need in Microsoft 356 plus PDF. It is available on various common devices (PC + Tablet + Mobile), OSs (Windows + Mac + Android + iOS), and the Web.


With TrulyOffice, you’ll experience compatibility like never before. Edit documents, PDF, ODT, TXT, and other document formats. And with the cloud interface, you can easily access all your documents from anywhere, so you can work where you do your best work.


Key features:

  • Word: Word Processing with advanced features.
  • Sheets: Spreadsheets with built-in formulas and charts.
  • Slides: Presentation software with customizable templates.
  • PDF: edit, convert, sign and do more on PDFs.
  • Email inbox.
  • Devices; PC + Tablet + Mobile
  • OS: Windows + Mac + Android + iOS
  • Storage: Truly Office Drive