Is Office 2019 Worth Your Time and Money?

If you’re wondering if Office 2019 is worth your time and money, the answer is, “It depends on how you'll use and how you feel about cloud-based services.”
Is Office 2019 Worth Your Time and Money?

If you’re wondering if Office 2019 is worth your time and money, the answer is “It depends on how you feel about cloud-based services.”

After all, that’s why Microsoft is releasing a new version of the popular software suite in the latter part of 2018. It’s meant to allow users to opt out of Office 365 and cloud-based applications and servers when they prefer traditional software and apps.

Office 365 Isn’t for Every Customer

To some people, it doesn’t make sense to purchase Office 2019 when Office 365 does everything they need it to do.

Many individuals and businesses do not share the same sentiment because they don’t feel comfortable without direct access to their apps and servers. We completely understand and recognize that each customer that buys from our website has different needs.

Software Keep Carries a Range of Microsoft Products to Meet Your Needs

That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that we exceed our customers' expectations by offering them a wide range of software and applications to choose from. Our products are authentic and ones you’ve likely worked with in the past.

If you believe in Microsoft as a company and respect its vision, you’ll find that we share the same values at Software Keep.

Our number one goal is to make our customers happy. After that, we keep raising the bar to ensure they remain satisfied with our products and the high level of service we provide. We provide free customer support and technical support to address any issues that our customers may have during the purchasing, downloading, and installing processes.

We Anticipate Including Office 2019 to Our Online Storefront Next Year

We’re excited to hear that Microsoft plans to keep with tradition and release Office 2019 after releasing Office 2016 over three years ago. Although a lot hasn’t been said about the features it offers, we know that enhanced Inking capabilities exist. This is great news for anyone who uses a stylus or spends time adding notes and diagrams to existing documents and web pages.

We Identify and Address Our Customers’ Needs Satisfactorily

As with any new Microsoft release, we fully anticipate selling it through our website. Our goal is to reach as many customers as we can by attending to their needs promptly and effectively. Because each person or business is different, we can’t expect one version of Office or Windows to do just that.

Changes That Set Office 2019 Apart from Office 2016

Like other new releases of Office, we’re excited to see what changes set this version apart. Rumor has it that animation features in PowerPoint are one improvement. New formulas and charts in Excel will be available for data analysis.

IT features include better security options, voice, and usability. These options make it possible for customers who aren’t quite ready to give up traditional software to have better control of their Office experience.

We see the need because we recognize how each of our customers differs.