Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Buyer's Guide

Windows Server 2022: See details about each different Windows Server 2022 product and edition to make the perfect choice when purchasing.
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Buyer's Guide

In addition to your trial experience of Windows Server 2022, you can more easily add and manage languages and Features on Demand with the new Languages and Optional Features ISO.


Microsoft Windows Server 2022: What you need to know

Server administration is a complex task, and choosing the right server software is critical for any business. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why we've put together this buyer's guide for Microsoft Windows Server 2022.


We'll walk you through the key features of this popular server software and help you decide whether it's the right fit for your business needs. Ready to get started? Let's dive in!


Buying Windows Server products can be a bit of a challenge, especially. There are so many different Windows Server editions, each with its own set of features. The Windows Server version you purchase can greatly affect your file servers, local users, and internet storage. It's important to make an educated decision before you finalize the purchase.


To make it easier for you to find the perfect Windows Server 2022 version for your business and needs, we have created this Windows Server 2022 buyer's guide! Here you will find detailed information about each Windows Server 2022 edition, what they offer, and their differences.


We hope that with this buyer's guide, you can buy the best Windows Server solution possible without any hassle! We'll help you pick the perfect fit, whether you want to create storage spaces, standalone servers, multi-cloud environments, or a data center.


What is Windows Server 2022?

Windows Server is a group of operating systems designed by Microsoft that supports enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications. Windows Server 2022 is the latest release and is the successor to Windows Server 2019.


Microsoft released Windows Server 2022 in September 2021. This server OS is utilized by businesses and organizations to run their network infrastructure or applications on a single device known as Windows Server.


Windows Server 2022 is part of the same family as other OS versions, adding helpful new features to complement standard OS versions. Because a server operating system is more complex than a regular operating system, it has numerous sophisticated capabilities that allow you to carry out essential tasks in order for your server to function properly.


Unlike a regular OS, a server operating system’s main function is to help improve efficiency where possible — for example, remote administration tools, user permissions, security, Azure hybrid capabilities, Hyper V virtual machine, and more. Users of Windows Server 2022 will notice a major improvement over previous versions with better firmware protection, nested virtualization, and Storage Migration Service, to name a few.


Windows Server 2022 is the latest addition to the Windows Server operating system family developed and sold by Microsoft. It has the latest, most advanced technology with extended support.


Windows Server 2022 improves hybrid server management with significantly improved VM management, an enhanced event viewer, and many more new capabilities in Windows Admin Center. Furthermore, this release includes significant improvements to Windows containers, such as smaller image sizes for faster download, simplified network policy implementation and containerization tools for .NET applications.


Different versions of the Windows 2022 server


Windows Server 2022 has three editions: Essentials, Standard, and Data Center. Each version differs in retail price and offers distinct features to meet your demands. Mainstream support on all versions is expected to last, so making a long-term decision about which edition you buy is critical.



An affordable, lightweight server option, great for small businesses. It has all of the essential features and supports up to 25 users and 50 devices under a single license. While it's the cheapest of the bunch, it doesn't include some advanced features like Active Directory, failover clusters, or virtual machines.



Ideal for companies with only physical or minimally virtualized server configurations. It gives you access to all of the resources you'll need for a dependable and rapid server that can support your workloads in every area.


Windows Server Standard 2022 gives you the option to install either Server Core or Desktop Experience. You can also take advantage of active workloads, Trusted Platform Module, Windows Defender System Guard, and much more.



Made for enterprises with highly virtualized data centers and cloud setups. It can support large workloads, even if you're working in an on-prem or private cloud environment. There are also new Datacenter-specific features like Shielded Virtual Machines, Storage Spaces Direct, and Software-Defined Networking.



Ideal for

Licensing model

CAL requirements



Small businesses

Server license

No CAL required



Physical or minimally virtualized environments


Windows Server CAL



Highly virtualized and cloud environments


Windows Server CAL



New things in Windows Server 2022 you need to know about

The new generation of Windows Server is finally available, and it comes with many new features. It's important to review what you'll have access to in order to build critical systems, data centers, an SQL server, or a local server environment for your business.


Here are 7 important features in Windows Server 2022 that you need to know about:


Networking improvements

The new Windows Server improves network traffic, even on high-speed networks. This results in faster data transfers and fewer network disruptions. You'll notice vast improvements to support big workloads. The improvements also focus on minimizing downtime, making Windows Server 2022 perfect for file servers on-premises and in the cloud.


Improvements can be seen in both the Standard and Datacenter editions and the Essentials version. This is an important enhancement if you work with virtual machines and large storage spaces that may need access anytime.


The virtual switch upgrade improves the performance of both network traffic from an external host and data flow between a virtual NIC to another virtual NIC on the same host.


New network protocols

Microsoft is particularly keen to focus on the performance of Windows Server. Most users use Windows Server for supporting business applications and services directly for employees or clients.


Time is money, and your critical system needs both stability and efficiency. Windows Server 2022 includes significant connectivity improvements. The UDP Segmentation Offload (USO) protocol was added. It improves various ways UDP connection encryption reduces latency, recompenses connections, and controls extension frames.


You'll also see simplified network policy implementation and containerization tools for .NET applications.


Security measures updated

Microsoft will continue improving its security practices to keep up with technology and combat cyber attacks despite the current threat landscape.


In Windows Server 2022, the cloud is the second most used operating platform. A major enhancement includes secure DNS support with DNS-over-HTTPS Server messaging blocks aES-265 and SMB East-West encryption SMB over QUIC. This security protocol and enhancement ensures that Windows 2022 Server can handle sensitive data and critical applications.


Storage security and performance

Windows Server's storage improvements emphasize security while not compromising performance. It includes transport layer security and encryption on the highest-quality network storage. This provides encrypted communications to high-performance workload applications, such as Storage Direct, HyperV, Scaleout File Server, and many others.


Azure Edition also supports SMB over QUIC and delivers triple security reliability. This compression feature adds another advantage to the compression system.


Other storage features include storage bus cache, Storage Spaces Direct, and further active directory improvements, to name a few! Azure edition users and those who use the Datacenter edition can take advantage of all this and more.


Improvement in Azure capabilities

The Microsoft Azure capability was upgraded by extending Windows 2022 for virtualization outside networks or vendors in the cloud. Azure arc-enabled servers provide an integrated platform that is fully scalable for on-premises, in the cloud, and virtual machines. Azure Arc-enabled servers are used for Azure monitoring, security, updates, or hybrid environments.


Some more features you'll see in the Azure edition and Datacenter edition includes Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI, virtualization-based security, and Azure Active Directory.


Effortless Management of cloud services

One of the key features of Windows Server 2022 is cloud management with the best practices available on the market. If you're planning on using the Azure edition, you're not only getting access to powerful features like the Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc. You'll also be able to improve your server on-premises, utilize Windows Server containers, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) to install a secured core server, and more.


Other features in Windows Server 2022

Some of the other new features you'll see are the following:


  • Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS)
  • Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)
  • AES-256 encryption with support for server message block (SMB) protocol
  • HyStart++ to reduce packet loss during connection startup
  • Security features such as hardware root-of-trust and firmware protection
  • SMB over QUIC for mobile users or organizations with heightened security requirements
  • Scale-out file server

Features removed or discontinued in Windows Server 2022

Changes don't always mean additions. Microsoft has decided to remove or partially depreciate various features in Windows Server 2022 to focus on more important ones.


Microsoft has retired the iSNS Server service from Windows Server 2022, which it initially considered for removal in Windows Server, version 1709. You may still connect to iSNS servers or create iSCSI targets separately.


WDS's operating system deployment capabilities are being phased out. Workflows that rely on boot.wim from Windows Server 2022 installation media will be blocked, but the routines will otherwise not be affected.


Is the answer in the cloud?

When considering which Windows Server edition to purchase, be sure and think about if you actually need a physical server.


If your business is tight on space or lacks an IT infrastructure, then a server suitable for the cloud may be more beneficial. Depending on the number of your employees, you may want to choose Essentials or Datacenter.


Cloud servers provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use service for businesses of all sizes. However, as your company grows, so does the need for more advanced technology that can handle higher traffic loads without breaking down or slowing down significantly in terms of performance.


If you need a server on-premises, there are two options: Essentials and Standard. The former is the best choice if your company has less than 25 employees, while the latter will be perfect for businesses with over 100.


Windows Server 2022 licensing

Windows Server 2022 editions are licensed per core, with the exception of Essentials. If you need more than 16 or 24 cores, you need to buy additional CPU license packs to scale your installation up incrementally in multiples.

It's also important to know which license you need for external server users. You can choose from either an individual User CAL or a Device CAL (Client Access License), depending on how your company will use Windows Server 2022.


A User CAL applies only when one individual employee wants to access it, while a Device CAL allows legitimate users some flexibility.


User CALs

Purchase a
User CAL for every user who needs access to the server, regardless of the number or devices they use. With this purchase, you are guaranteed that your company's employees always have roaming abilities and can work from outside spaces without any interruption in service!


Device CALs

Device CAL lets you purchase an additional license for every device that accesses your server, regardless of how many people use it. This means a single employee could share devices with several colleagues and still have their own guaranteed connection without interruption.


You can purchase CALs and other licenses from our store for an excellent price. CALs can be added to your server at any given time and are required for both the Standard and Datacenter editions.


Upgrade to Windows Server 2022

If you're still running an older version of Windows Server, such as 2012 or 2019, now is the best time for upgrading to a more modern solution with Windows Server 2022. It offers many new features that could be worth the upgrade cost for your business.


Windows Server 2022 is the latest version of Microsoft's server operating system. An upgrade from any earlier versions would allow your business more flexibility when it comes down to choosing how best to work with technology in general while also improving efficiency through automation where possible.


Some older versions of Windows Server no longer receive official support from Microsoft either. By purchasing the new Windows Server 2022, your server will stay secure and supported for the upcoming years.


It’s time to make your choice

For many businesses, deciding what server software they should purchase can be daunting. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from, and this guide will help you find your perfect fit!


If, for whatever reason, you're still unsure which Windows Server 2022 edition suits your business best, don't hesitate to speak with our experts here at SoftwareKeep. We're always happy when we meet customers' needs.


One more thing

Thank you for checking out our buyer’s guide on choosing the right Windows Server 2022 version! If there's anything else that might help or if any questions remain unanswered,
contact us or check our Blog.


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