What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It? (Part 3)

When it comes to astonishing presentations for any time, place, or event, Microsoft PowerPoint is the answer.
What Is PowerPoint Viewer

When it comes to astonishing presentations for any time, place, or event, Microsoft PowerPoint is the answer.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive amount of effects such as music, formatted text, or transitions, it is easily the most widely used and known presentation software on the planet.

In the comfort of your own home, MS PowerPoint can be used to create anything and everything, from commemorating a graduate to an important business proposal. The potential uses of PowerPoint are endless; being also efficient and easily shareable with others.

PowerPoint’s countless effects and customization options mean that you can include your own flair in your presentations without losing its professionalism.

Despite its multitude amount of advantages, a flaw was discovered: what if someone doesn’t have PowerPoint installed onto their device?

This fault in the software opened the opportunity for complications to occur, in which you might not be able to present your PowerPoint on a readily available device due to its lack of Microsoft Office applications.

Fret not, Microsoft has sought out a resolution for this issue so that those without PowerPoint will still be able to view your presentation without any damage—only if the appropriate apparatus is utilized.

Without a doubt, PowerPoint’s strongest selling point is the fact that you can use a plethora of design tools, elements, fonts, and images to customize your slides the exact way you want them to look.

The seamless transitions make the perfect flow of your presentation, the precise alignment tools allow you to make everything look pit-a-pat on the screen, creating a visually pleasing piece to present in front of your audience.

This means that it is more than needed to have software capable of handling PowerPoint’s excessive roaster of animations, effects and filters, as well as properly displaying your fonts and images. Sadly, not every application is capable of this, and certainly not every application offers such services for free.

If the computer you are using to present your PowerPoint works on does not have a copy of PowerPoint installed, your best bet is to turn to Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer.

You might wonder what the difference between other applications and PowerPoint Viewer is. Although PowerPoint Viewer is not the newest software, being released in 2010, it is still one if not the most capable application to open and view your PowerPoint presentations with.

It keeps custom fonts, effects, transitions and everything else you can just imagine. The price? Absolutely nothing, PowerPoint Viewer is completely free and safe to download right from Microsoft. 

The downside? Features implemented after PowerPoint 2010 are not compatible with the software.

Some other options you might consider are also available for you. Of course, you can always take a gamble and download a third-party application, but it is not advised.

Instead, give PowerPoint Online a try! As long as you are connected to the internet and signed in with the appropriate Microsoft account, you can access your PowerPoint presentations from a web browser, meaning that you can view and even edit them on the go.

Those who use Windows 10 can also use PowerPoint Mobile, which comes pre-installed with Windows 10.

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