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Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac

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    What is Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac?

    Microsoft Outlook is an application for managing your personal information and schedule. Although it's mainly known and used for it's emailing capabilities, it also includes features such as a calendar, journal, notes, contact management, task management, as well as web browsing. It's part of the broader
    Microsoft Office product family, though you can purchase it as a stand-alone program. Working alongside Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server is also possible, which tends to organizations who need to share inboxes, calendars or other data.


    Because Microsoft shares the code of various apps amongst platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS and even Android, applications from the Office suite are now readily available for you to utilize on your Mac device. This brings you a great opportunity to take advantage of Outlook 2019 for Mac and improve your work efficiency, your speed, and the overall experience of getting things done the right way.

    Why buy Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac?

    Originally, Outlook was viewed as nothing more than a simple email client with basic capabilities. Viewing, sorting and sending emails was pretty much the only thing people used it for - however, the new 2019 release is here to completely change the way Outlook is perceived. The new and advanced features made it become a powerful tool for managing your personal information, keeping track of things you need to tend to, marking important dates and much more.

    As previously stated, Outlook brings more than just an emailing client to its customers. Due to it being designed and developed as a personal management program, Outlook offers a huge variety of features that aren’t exactly in the spotlight but should not be overlooked regardless.

    Use Outlook 2019 for Mac to regain control over many parts of your life as they happen. These features are also useful for business purposes, such as emailing and sharing files, planning events, and organizing a meeting. Using Outlook’s features, you’ll never forget about an important day ever again. Did something spark an idea in your mind? Open Outlook’s journal and quickly note down ideas, concepts and quick reminders for yourself in the future. With the included ability to manage your contacts, you’ll never have to second-guess yourself when dialing a phone number or sending an email to someone.

    With over a million daily users, Outlook is one of the leading email clients all around the globe, and its features definitely make it different from competitors. Over the years, the number of new features, improvements and new capabilities added to the software only increased. Make your life more organized, easier and simpler.

    Made for Mac

    Touch bar support

    A feature entirely unique to Mac, most Office applications now offer support for the Touch bar found in new generation MacBooks. This allows you to perform different functions just by using the touch bar. This comes in handy with efficient shortcuts for basic functions such as copy and paste, but further capabilities are unlocked within Outlook itself.

    New, modern design

    Winning over the hearts of people who use the macOS operating system, Microsoft has made the decision to perform a huge design overhaul for many Office suite applications. This means that Outlook 2019 for Mac received a huge boost in attractiveness. Going from the slightly outdated look to a modern, clean interface helps users navigate better in the application, and grants a great first impression when seeing Outlook 2019 for Mac. 

    Better emailing experience

    Focused Inbox

    This new feature helps you separate your incoming emails into two different mailboxes labeled "Focused" and "Other". This allows you to quickly see incoming mail which you think is important, other than showing a bunch of junk on your Outlook homepage.

    The most important mail will arrive into your Focused tab, while everything else will be flowing to the Other inbox. This includes things such as newsletters, promotions, and computer-generated emails.

    You always have the ability to quickly switch between these two tabs, and still get alerted about emails that arrive into your Other inbox as well. You can also fine-tune Outlook to your own preferences, meaning that if you think something should've shown up in another tab, you can easily put it there yourself.

    Note: The Focused Inbox feature requires you to have a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email account.

    Visual enhancements

    You can insert images, icons, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your emails to give them enhanced looks. When choosing to embed visual elements, you are given access to pick and choose from Microsoft's provided library of professionally made icons in over 25 categories. You can select multiple icons to insert at the same time, and once your icons are in your email, you have the ability to edit them in various ways by resizing, rotating, changing colors, and applying other visual effects.

    Manage your personal schedule


    The Calendar is a great tool to keep up-to-date with your life and plan ahead for the future as well. You can schedule things like appointments for activities, or plan a business meeting. You can even invite other people to these schedules - once someone agrees to attend, Outlook will automatically mark the day and time in their calendar as well.


    Reminders are a part of Outlook's calendar feature. Once you set a reminder for something, it's going to appear in a pop-up alert window at the requested time. This makes sure you don't miss any important event or deadline ever again.

    If you prefer something more subtle and out of the way, you have the option to make Outlook flash the taskbar once your reminder goes off. Reminders can be given to almost anything in Outlook including emails, personal messages, appointments, meetings, and your contacts.

    If an email you received has something important in it that you'd need to keep track of, you can quickly set it as to-do items by utilizing the reminders feature. The message will appear on your To-Do List tab as well as inside the Tasks folder, however, it doesn't automatically become a reminder before you flag it as one.


    One of the most underutilized features in Outlook is the ability to take notes. Using this function can help you keep track of ideas, concepts, note down information quickly and organize your work with ease. Later on, you can look back on these notes and remember important things which you might've forgotten about. Creating a note is as simple as pressing a button, however, you can customize your notes to show in different colors, fonts, and even give them distinctive headers. These options allow you to find the information you need by just taking a glance at your notes.

    More accessible than ever

    Hands-free typing

    A feature called
    Dictate allows you to speak into your microphone and have Outlook type your words out for you. It's part of the new Office Intelligent Services, bringing speech recognition to the next level. You can easily add punctuation, edit and correct your text while talking simultaneously, and enjoy the fast work you can achieve with just using your voice.

    Listen to your emails

    You can listen to your emails through an Ease of Access feature. It goes hand-in-hand with Dictate, as it makes Outlook read your messages out loud, making it easier for individuals to communicate and understand the text. This feature can also help with multitasking, meaning that your productivity will definitely get better. Simply make Outlook read an email for you while you take care of other tasks and listen.

    Accessibility Checker

    In addition to the new reading and writing features mentioned above, Outlook 2019 for Mac uses a technology to identify accessibility problems anywhere in your emails. Changes to improve accessibility are suggested and can be implemented with the click of a button after you review them. This single click will make your message comprehensible for other individuals.

    More features to love

    • • Better reminders that utilize pop-ups and the taskbar to get your attention and never miss an event.
    • • A quick bug fix to make sure all your Deleted Items are marked as read, instead of leaving an unread message in your inbox that doesn’t exist anymore.
    • • The calendar now allows you to see up to three different time zones on one schedule, making it easier to coordinate meetings and tasks across the world.
    • • Sorting options beyond Focused Inbox have been brought back to filter your emails in a different way. You can always change and customize the way Outlook sorts your emails to suit your needs.
    • • You're now able to see people's responses to a meeting, even if you're not the organizer, meaning that you'll always know who you're meeting with.
    • • Once you drag and drop OneDrive attachments from your emails to the local files on your computer, Outlook uses the cloud and downloads a copy of the attachment for you.
    • • Just like on social media, you can @Mention people in your messages, making all tagged recipients to receive a copy of your message.

    System Requirements

    • Operating systems supported: OS X Version 10.12 or later
    • Platform supported: Mac
    • Minimum processor speed: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    • Minimum hard drive space: 2.5 Gb
    • Minimum memory: 1 Gb
    • Minimum RAM: 4 Gb; 2 GB (32-bit)
    4.5 / 5.0
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